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LCS Recap: Cloud9 vs Echo Fox

Cloud9 faced off against Echo Fox on Week 2 Day 1 of the Summer Split. They came off from a 2-0 Week 1 and were looking to continue their undefeated start against Echo Fox.

draft phase the draft phase of this game, Cloud9 once again picked the Sona/Taric duo for the 2nd time this split. In case one is wondering how the duo works, they are looking to be hard to kill past level 6 with a lot of heals and protection for not only themselves but also their own team. Cloud9 also drafted Neeko top, Azir mid and Jarvan IV jungle to round out the composition. The only gripe with the Cloud9 composition was the heavy reliance on magic damage. This would make a rather easy pathway for Echo Fox to build magic resist against them.

As for the Echo Fox composition, they drafted Jayce and Akali for the raw power both champions have to potentially one hit their opposing laners. Gragas was picked as a security blanket to help set up the ganks. While Xayah/Veigar were for the double stun to make it a rough lane for Sneaky/Zeyzal along with the fact Veigar R is so good against squishy champions.

Overall for the draft, both teams had a tremendous amount of kill threat when used correctly. The Cloud9 composition had more sustain and heal then the Echo Fox composition. Although, Echo Fox could 100 to 0 them quickly if they had enough power to do so.

in game

Based on the early game it seemed that Echo Fox were looking to camp the Sona/Taric bot-lane for most of the game. It didn’t amount to much due to Svenskeren monitoring around the bot-lane. Licorice as Neeko did decent in this game but definitely was not on top for the most part until more power was established on the champion. Speaking of Neeko, the consensus at first was that Neeko would go AD due to the heavy magic damage of the composition, but Licorice decided to still go with AP. Once Cloud9 got the sustain & heal train going, Echo Fox’s burst wasn’t much to keep the Cloud9 team from marching towards a 3-0 start for the Summer Split. All oh this despite some mishaps on the way from the squad towards the victory map wise, team-fight wise and composition wise.


Overall, Cloud9 played decent in this game but it feels like that there was still a solid chance for Echo Fox to win this game. But despite some mistakes that shouldn’t have been made mechanically, Cloud9 were able to get it together and win against Echo Fox.

The next opponent up for Cloud9 are the Golden Guardians. Cloud9 will need to be cleaner and more disciplined to ensure Golden Guardians don’t take this game from under their nose.

The MVP of the Echo Fox game was Zeyzal on Taric. Despite whiffing his first ult, Zeyzal was on-point this entire game with the sustain and heal for everyone even during that fight in top tri-bush where Cloud9 won the game pretty convincingly.

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