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LCS Recap: Cloud9 vs 100 Thieves

Week 4 of the LCS is here and Cloud9 went up against 100 Thieves on this Saturday afternoon as the third game of the day. Cloud9 were looking to have another 2-0 weekend to put themselves around the top of the LCS while 100 Thieves were just looking to get more wins on the board.


The draft phase began with 100 Thieves first picking Aatrox while Cloud9 picked Akali and Tahm Kench. 100 Thieves then responded with the Xayah/Rakan bot lane with Cloud9 finishing off the first phase of the draft with Ashe for ADC. Cloud9 picked themselves a safe bot lane in Tahm Kench and Ashe.

For the rest of the draft, 100 Thieves picked Viktor and Gragas while Cloud9 picked Jarvan IV and Sylas.

Overall, Cloud9 drafted themselves a composition that excelled well in the mid-game while 100 Thieves were going to hope and pray that Cloud9 make mistakes around the time their composition picked up so they would be in the driver’s seat.

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Around the very start of the game, Cloud9 bullied Maurice “Amazing” St├╝ckenschneider out of the jungle and Robert “Blaber” Huang was able to get a comfortable jungle lead for most of the game.

As the game went on, Cloud9 first got on the board with Blaber getting a double kill in the mid lane to add onto his early game jungle lead. 100 Thieves then unlocked their map aggression and were able to pick up kills in a couple of team fights. Cloud9 also got some kills for themselves to salvage an early disadvantage.

However, Cloud9 started to slowly lose grip against the 100 Thieves as the scrappy kills were not enough.100 Thieves started to add on more to their lead against one of the top teams in North America. Despite Cloud9 having an interesting draft, 100 Thieves won convincingly putting another loss to Cloud9’s L column.


It’s very CRUCIAL for Cloud9 to overcome their draft shortcomings but that did not happen here with the weird priority on Sylas. Zeyzal being uncomfortable on Tahm Kench and better picks instead of Akali for top lane are crucial going forward.

Cloud9 face Counter Logic Gaming tomorrow at 12 PM as the first game for Sunday, Cloud9 NEED to fix up their draft shortcomings and draft better picks then Akali & post-nerfed Sylas.


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