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Cloud9’s All-Time Record Against Each Current LCS Team

Cloud9 After Sweeping FlyQuest

Ever wondered what Cloud9’s record is against all the other current LCS teams? Specifically teams like TSM and Team Liquid? Well here is a deep dive into arguably NA’s most consistent and at times, dominant team.

There were a couple of rules for the data. The teams have to be the same as they are currently brand. For example, this does not count Cloud9 against OpTic before they were branded to Immortals. Similarly for Dignitas, this is only when they have been branded as Dignitas. Playoff records are included in the overall total and are in parentheses next to the overall record. Also, tiebreakers were counted as a part of the regular season, not playoffs.

Note: This starts in Season 3 Summer (first year of the LCS) and goes up through Week 4 of 2020.

  • Vs. 100T: 11-3 (3-0)   78.6% (100%)
  • Vs. CLG: 27-17 (6-2)   61.4% (75%)
  • Vs. DIG: 25-6 (3-3)   80.6% (50%)
  • Vs. EG: 12-3 (3-1)   80% (75%)
  • Vs. FLY: 16-2 (3-0)   88.9% (100%)
  • Vs. GG: 9-2   81.8%
  • Vs. IMT: 10-10 (6-3)   50% (66.7%)
  • Vs. TSM: 42-33 (21-20)   56% (51.2%)
  • Vs. TL: 24-20 (8-12)   54.5% (40%)
  • All-Time Vs. All 9: 176-96 (53-41)   64.7% (56.4%)

Thoughts and Interesting Notes

  • Season 3 Summer Split versus CLG, DIG and TSM had C9 starting 16-1 (including playoffs) with their only loss coming against CLG.
  • It what would be their first full year (2013 Summer and 2014 Spring) as an official LCS team, Cloud9 were a combined 32-4 against the three teams mentioned above with Evil Geniuses coming in 2014.
  • 2016 Summer was rough with C9 going 2-6 during the regular season against CLG, TSM, TL and Immortals.
  • Between 2014 Summer and 2018 Spring, Cloud 9 lost five straight playoffs series against TSM going a combined 7-15.
    • Then in 2018 Summer they went 6-2 including a 3-0 sweep to make it to Worlds.
  • The ONLY losing record C9 has in regular-season or playoffs is against Team Liquid in the playoffs.
  • Weirdly C9 struggle with Immortals during the regular season but were fine in playoffs going 1-7 in 2016 and 2017 but going 6-3 in the playoffs format.
    • Every playoff game between the two came in 2016 Summer when C9 3-2 them and then 3-1 in Regionals on the way to Worlds.
  • Cloud 9 and TSM have the exact same overall winning percentage against Team Liquid at 54.5%.

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