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Cloud9 Not Expected to Have Complete Roster for Lock In Tournament

Cloud9 fans look away now, as only bad news comes this way.

As the Lock In Tournament draws near, plenty of Cloud9 fans are eagerly awaiting the debut of several new players for the 2022 season. However those same fans will have to wait just a bit longer. New head coach Nick “LS” De Cesare confirmed via stream that the team is ready to head into the preseason tournament without several members of the starting roster.

The issue is not something new to other teams in the LCS. Cloud9 has run into the common visa issue that have plagued the league these past few years. As it stands, Cloud9 will be without their starting top laner Summit, starting bot laner Berserker and starting support Winsome. Even head coach LS won’t be at Lock In in person.

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Luckily for C9, they have had a back up plan for some time – whether they realized it or not. Cloud9 made it a point in the offseason to ensure that they had a very competitive academy team. Their goal was to have an academy team that would challenge the starting roster in in-house scrims, in order to improve the play of each and every player. With the recent news that some players will be missing the Lock In tournament, C9 will look to their academy team to step up a bit earlier than anticipated.

Cloud9’s new roster for the Lock In tournament will be:

Top – Darshan
Jungle – Blaber
Mid – Fudge
Bot – Zven
Support – Isles

As LS had mentioned in a previous video, Zven has taken the majority of the practice time away from K1ng – Cloud9’s second academy bot laner. With some synergy already set in place, Cloud9 could prove to still hold their own despite missing their starting roster.

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