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Cloud9 League of Legends

Cloud9 Cooldown: Taking it to TSM in Lock In Rematch

Cloud9 Cooldown Taking TSM

That was surely a game of League of Legends. This rematch between Cloud9 and TSM was much more one-sided this time around. Cloud9 looked to win this game from the draft phase, as their composition appeared vastly stronger with both Udyr and Alistar on their side. TSM showed only glimmer of life in the early game of this match up until Cloud9 decided it was enough play time. In this new recurring column, the Cloud9 Cooldown looks at the game fresh off of the destroyed Nexus.

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Alright Udyr is Real Busted

Maybe this is a more of a league-wide observation, but Udyr is a pure menace on the rift. Blaber seemed to have full control of the game after the first initial gank onto Huni. A small advantage for both Fudge and Blaber set the snowball in motion. Cloud9 had complete dragon control the entire match, and there was nothing Spica could do. Blaber began to patrol the map looking for any unsuspecting TSM member who dared to even glance at an important objective.

Cloud9 Cooldown Taking TSM

Courtesy of LoL Esports

The strength of Udyr truly shined when Blaber simply ran at PowerOfEvil to kill him, despite having flash and a dash available. The TSM composition looked to poke down Blaber and the rest of C9 in order to prevent them from diving onto their backline. Unfortunately for TSM, there was one instance where their game plan worked. Every other fight, Blaber was an unrelenting force that couldn’t die. It’s safe bet that teams may start looking to ban out Udyr against Cloud9 going forward.

Cloud9 Didn’t Need to do Much

As much as Cloud9 won this game, TSM gifted a whole bundle of kills through the game. Huni in particular made an incredibly baffling play in the mid lane. Diving under turret without any backup in hopes to kill Perkz was a questionable decision at best and an absolute throw at worst. POE died as well as he needed to do something in order to help his team mate, but it cost him his life as well. In a lane that was already going in TSM’s favor, this incredibly risky play gave Perkz pivotal gold even out the lane. It was a forced, low percentage play that only put Huni farther behind.

Then only a few moments later, it appeared that Lost and Swordart were inspired by Huni as they too took an aggressive tower five. Cloud9 didn’t even need to do anything special to repel the attack. Zven and Vulcan walked backwards and used their ultimates to counter attack. Spica was around to help secure any kills but didn’t truly commit to the dive with his team mates. A potential miscommunication or maybe a disagreement in game plan – either way it once again put Cloud9 ahead without much effort.

Cloud9 Cooldown Taking TSM
Courtesy of LoL Esports

These two plays in particular pretty much set this game to easy mode for Cloud9. Though TSM did fight back a bit, notching some kills and preventing Cloud9 from getting Dragon Soul, but there was a slim change TSM could sneak back from their horrid start. Cloud9 beat them at all levels, and the match seemed over at the 15 minute mark. There are still plenty of small hiccups Cloud9 needs to work out to continue their success, but for now they set their sights on finishing the opening weekend 3-0.


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