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3 Things to Get Excited Over After Cloud9’s Lock In Week 2

Cloud9's Lock In Week 2

Cloud9 survived another week of the Lock In Tournament, and fans are happy to know that their team is always growing. Having to face a TSM squad that could be dangerous in the first round was an excellent test for the new Cloud9 roster. While the match against Dignitas gave C9 a bit more room to experiment, the quarterfinal match felt a bit more like what audiences can expect from the team going forward.

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Overall there are just a flurry of things fans can get excited about after watching Cloud9 this past weekend. The communication looked improved, and the drafts were definitely more exciting. The team looked like they put in the work over the break to improve on their issues, and it definitely paid off. Cloud9 fans should be happy to see that the team has a lot to build off of going into the semi-finals.

The Team Held Strong Under Pressure

Not every team has the mental fortitude to bounce back from a rough game one. The scoreboard was a bit deceiving all things considered. The kills were almost even between the two teams, but really the game was very much the opposite. Spica and Huni completely controlled game 1, with a solid performance from PowerOfEvil backing them up. Then in game 3, Cloud9 lost out on not one but two barons before finally ending the game.

Despite the setbacks in each match, the Cloud9 roster did not give in to the pressure. Plenty of young teams can fall into the trap of losing to their own mental, but Cloud9’s mix of veterans and younger players came through. In a recent episode of “Brain Check”, fans were given a glimpse of just how the team stayed calm, cool and collected even in the face of some inting from Perkz. In a match-up that could have swung the other way at a moment’s notice, the poise from the entire team ensured a victory over the rival TSM.

There’s a Potential Carry in Every Role

At the pro-level, every team expects the best from each and every player. The only problem is that not every player has that “carry gene” that can take over a game. What fans saw in week 2 of the Lock In Tournament is that each player has the ability to change the course of a match. Looking at the usual suspects, Zven carried a dominant 24/2/11 scoreline across the TSM series, while Blaber held an 8/5/32 KDA in the same span. Both performances were incredible from two of the main carries for Cloud9, but the real exciting takeaway from the weekend was the strength of the unconventional carry roles.

Cloud9's Lock In Week 2
Courtesy of Colin Young-Wolff and Riot Games

It may have taken a few games, but Cloud9 fans finally got to see what Fudge can really do. TSM made the mistake of letting Fudge get a power pick in Camille. Finishing the pivotal third game with a clean 7/0/5 KDA, Fudge made it clear that he can command the respect from other players in the league. The most impressive part of Fudge’s performance was his ability to battle back from a brutal game 1. His ability to shake up the Gragas pick in game 2 helped turn the tide for Cloud9 which is just another reason why fans should truly be excited to watch the new top laner headed forward. Though if there was one player the entire league should have their eyes on, it’s Cloud9’s support Vulcan.

More Specifically, Bot Lane Looks Incredible

It is a shame that there isn’t a stream solely dedicated to Cloud9’s bot lane. Zven and Vulcan are easily pushing for the top spot among the league’s bot lane duos, and they are making their case in style. Admittedly, Vulcan’s Nautilus game against TSM wasn’t the best. But when the team needed him the most, Vulcan and Alistar brought the fight to TSM over and over until they waved the white flag. Expect to see a whole bunch more Alistar bans against C9.

On the other hand, Zven looks completely revitalized after a horrible end to the 2020 season. Not only does Zven look strong on meta picks like Kai’sa and Miss Fortune, but he even took a page out of Rekkles’ book and carried on Sivir in a deciding game 3. He almost doubled Lost’s CS in that final game, notching a 450 creep score to his opposition’s 280. Even in the loss, Zven was the key to Cloud9’s victory and TSM’s main focus as they knew if Zven was let loose, they could still lose. Zven and Vulcan will be the duo teams are going to have to plan around, that is a guarantee.

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Featured image courtesy of Colin Young-Wolff and Riot Games

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