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Cloud9 Reunites With Svenskeren As LCS Substitute

Cloud9 Svenskeren

In one of the most bizarre mid season moves, Svenskeren has been reunited with his former organization Cloud9. Svenskeren was one of the big names noticeably not picked up by any team in the offseason. Svenskeren was formerly on Cloud9 for over 2 years. During that time, they had their best Worlds run ever and were a strong team in the LCS. This is before 2020 where C9 decided to move onto Blabber as their starter and sell Svenskeren along with Zeyzal to Evil Geniuses. Cloud9 announced the signing in the tweet below:

So what does this mean for Cloud9 Svenskeren?

Cloud9 Svenskeren, But For What Team?

The main question with this signing is who Svenskeren is subbing for? Starting with Blabber, this seems to make little sense. Blabber has had an amazing split thus far. While his farm and experience difference at 15 is middle of the road, his DPM and KP is among the highest in the Jungle. Blabber prefers to help his laners over power farming for himself. Svenskeren replacing Blabber would be a bit of Déjà vu, as this happened back in 2019 the opposite way. Logically though, Svenskeren being subbed into the LCS makes no sense. Why would Cloud9 want to stop a potential MVP split for Blabber?

It is possible it’s a matchup based thing like what Svenskeren did in 2021 when he split time with Contractz, but that seems unlikely. The more likely option is that this is a move for Academy, but even that is confusing. Malice, their current Academy Jungler, is certainly a strange player. He likes the Udyr and Karthus over the more meta picks. This isn’t to say he can’t play meta, he does. It is just that his style really isn’t that as he prefers hard farming champions. It is possible that C9 Academy doesn’t want to play with this kind of style, at least not every game. If this was the case though, why did Cloud9 just not state that it was a subsitute for Academy?

Malice also has garnered a reputation for not always being the nicest player at points. This in no way is a definitive character attack, but there has been some rumors circulating about comments said on stream about Cloud9 and the LCS. The simple fact is though that Malice is really darn good and that seems to be enough to justify keeping him.

All in all, this move leads LCS fans with more questions than answers. Hopefully in the coming days Cloud9 will clarify this move.

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