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League of Legends: CLG Signed a New Top Laner, Now Who Can They Pair Him With?

CLG joins the 2018 Academy League

Counter Logic Gaming has signed Kim “Ruin” Hyeong-min from 1907 Fenerbahçe. A relatively good signing from the organization that has struggled as of late. Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaya has his best days behind him and with this new blood the team could look to rebound from their seventh-place finish in the spring split. But, to really tip the scales in their favor CLG should make a move to sign one more player this off-season, preferably a Jungler.

Here are three Junglers CLG should go after.

Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider

Roster Changes for Summer Split - Jungle
Courtesy of Riot Games

The German player was last seen with the FC Schalke 04 organization coaching their academy team. He has the veteran status that a team like CLG needs from the position as well as the North American residency status because of his time spent with TSM in 2014. He has not played in season 9, but last season he was especially good on Sejuani, Trundle and Skarner with an at or above 50 percent win rate on all three. With two out of those three still prevalent in the meta and his history as a Lee Sin and carry jungler his versatility would be another plus.

While he may be a little long in the tooth it could be what the organization needs, a strong presence from the jungle that could shot call the game and provide support for a new foreign player.


Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

While he has been with the organization before, this CLG is nothing like the one he left in Summer 2017. The Optic Gaming Jungler split time last split with another potential CLG player and had mixed results. In his six games on the main stage he went 3-3 with two wins against Clutch Gaming and one against CLG. He may not bring a veteran presence at the level of Amazing, but he has a couple splits under his belt and is a certified play maker from the position. While his win rate this season has taken a hit, 36.2 percent from last seasons 54.8 percent, his situation more than explains it. Dardoch is a carry player and need to be put on champions that can do that, just look at his best champions from last split, Kindred, Olaf and Graves. He can play certain tanks, like Sejuani and Zac, but in CLG’s current state Dardoch needs to be either the primary or the secondary carry at all times.

Play makers seems to be what CLG is after and nabbing two in one off-season would be a major improvement.

William “Meteos” Hartman

Meteos Headshot

The other Optic Gaming Jungler, Meteos is the best of both worlds, with veteran leadership and play making ability. He went 4-8 as a starter for the Green Wall and while Optic did struggle to find consistent success on stage, they were hampered by visa issues and rooster swapping. With a more consistent lineup with CLG Meteos could fall back into his winning habits again. A Swiss Army knife in the jungle, Meteos can play whatever his team needs and play it well. He won’t ever take over a game himself so CLG’s laners would need to actually do something with a lead once he hands it to them. This season Meteos hasn’t seen success on any champion consistently, except for Sejuani (sensing a theme?), but has always seen success on his Zac and Elise in past splits.

Meteos has also historically been more partial to ganking top lane, which would benefit Ruin even more.


Who do you think CLG should pair with Ruin? Let’s us know in the comments below.

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