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goodr Sunglasses Becomes Official Partner with CLG

goodr and CLG announce official partnership

North American esports organization Counter Logic Gaming and sports and active lifestyle sunglasses brand goodr have announced a marketing partnership that names them an Official Partner for all CLG teams. The partnership includes a joint venture to create CLG branded sunglasses. They will be available early 2021, as part of the GAME goodr sunglass collection, which launched October 30. CLG will promote goodr on its Twitch Channel, provide product integration in existing content and activations at events.

“CLG is proud to partner with organizations that align with our innovative, creative mentality and we believe our new partnership with goodr fits this objective perfectly,” said Dan Fleeter, COO, CLG. “We are beyond excited to collaborate with goodr and create CLG-branded glasses that our fans will love, and we are excited to work together on additional unique initiatives throughout this partnership.”

About the Partner

A product description from

A product description from

goodr offers products across running (RUN goodr), biking (BIKE goodr), golfing (GOLF goodr) and strength-training (BEAST goodr) communities already. Their recently released 8-Bit Line of GAME goodr sunglasses features eight colorways inspired by retro games. Five of them contain Blue Mirage Technology (aka blue light blocking glasses). This line is the brand’s way of saying: Gamers go outside too.

“What? Why would you make sunglasses for gamers? Because. GAMERS GO OUTSIDE TOO. As our first foray into the gaming industry, the partnership with CLG gives us insight to what gamers want in a pair of sunglasses. Plus now I can play League of Legends, Fortnite and Super Smash Bros. all weekend and call it research,” said Stephen Lease, CEO (Chief Executive Octopus) of goodr. “We’re excited to share the CLG x GAME goodr sunglasses with gamers. They feature polarized lenses, and won’t slip or bounce while throwing fireballs, shooting aliens, or binge-eating pellets. Now, if you can excuse me, I’m going to do some research.” 

goodr joins Twitch, Newegg, Squarespace, Mountain Dew Game Fuel, GT Omega Racing, Flexfit, Fedex and Spectrum as a CLG Partner. They have over 1,500 stores in over 30 countires, while winning Runner’s World Gear of the Year, PGA Buyer’s Choice, and more awards over the past few years. Their website states “Is blue light bad for your eyes? That’s a trick question. We have no f#^#ing idea. But SOME scientists say it causes eye strain, fatigue, headaches & tail growth. So just to be safe, we made these glasses with the ability to block blue light.”


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