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CLG Thinkcard Confirmed as New Coach for the 2022 LCS Season

CLG Thinkcard

CLG has signed Thinkcard as the teams new Head Coach for the 2022 LCS Season. They have also signed Croissant, an analyst who has been on Team Liquid and Golden Guardians.

Thinkcard has had a great history of making competitive and strong rosters. He is also a former CLG player. During his coaching career, Thinkcard has made Worlds 3 times and only missed Playoffs twice. This consistency is what CLG needs, especially coming off two years of terrible performances. In addition, CLG has stated that Thinkcard’s commitment to player development is what they are looking for. CLG seems to want to do what IMT, 100T and EG have done recently. Sign people into place with a multiyear plan. Thinkcard seems to echo this sentiment saying on twitter:

Thinkcard’s CLG:

Currently, no players have been confirmed for the 2022 CLG roster, but there are some rumors floating around. First of all, Finn has been allowed to explore other options. This is huge as Finn was signed through 2023. Wildturtle, the only other player with a multiyear deal, is singed through 2022 and has not been allowed to explore options, or at least publicly. There is a chance Turtle could stay, but there has been no rumors confirming this. What is more likely is that CLG will move on to a new Bot Lane all together. Some rumors are suggesting the 100T Academy Bot Lane of Poome and Luger, but The Game Haus can not confirm this.

In the video welcoming Thinkcard, it is stated how CLG wants pieces in place that work well together and not just flashy names. Considering both of these coaches were at Golden Guardians, it is fair to expect them to rebuild in a similar way. Find some great prospects for the LCS Roster, have a young Academy team and maybe even an Amateur team. This is what CLG fans have been wanting for years and it’s great to see a new coach address the complaints head on.

Only time will tell how this rendition of CLG does, but it seems to be off to a good start. For more on CLG, check out The Game Haus’s Roster predictions.

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