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CLG Release Finn, Broxah, Damonte, WildTurtle and Smoothie

CLG Release Finn

It was a tough season for Counter Logic Gaming in 2021. The team never synced-up, and a combination of roster swaps and visa issues caused insurmountable problems for the roster. On Monday November 15, CLG announced that is releasing five of the six members of the 2021 roster. Finn, Broxah, Damonte, WildTurtle and Smoothie will all become free agents in the offseason heading into 2022.

CLG came into 2021 hoping to make the most of the veteran-filled roster. Unlike the rest of the LCS, CLG opted to bring in players with experience rather than bring in talent from an Academy league or OCE. Finn and Broxah were CLG’s big two imports this year, and the team looked to them to lead the charge. However, the state of the world prevented the two from joining the team at the start of the season. This hurdle forced CLG to bring in Wiggily and Solo to stay afloat until the visa issues subsided.

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Having two starters sit is tough, but having three is incredibly difficult to overcome. Early in the season, starting mid laner Pobelter was benched for CLG Academy’s Rjs. The constant roster shakeup made sure that CLG couldn’t ever find their rhythm. At least, not until the summer split where the team find themselves on small winstreak.

Releasing these five players signals to CLG fans that the team is ready to a brand new direction. After bringing in a new GM, CLG is hoping to forget about 2021 and find new success in 2022. Fans will be eagerly awaiting any other roster news as the free agency window opens up this week.

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CLG Announce Their 2022 LCS Roster November 19, 2021 at 12:41 pm

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