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CLG League of Legends

CLG Faith–A New Team for an Old Org

Counter Logic Gaming adds CLG Faith, an amateur team, under their League of Legends umbrella

Another LCS organization enters the fold of amateur esports, as Counter Logic Gaming unveils CLG Faith. With CLG Faith joining the fray, three major league teams now have amateur-level sister teams competing in Proving Grounds. 100 Next and EG Prodigies are the others currently participating.

Team Members

LCS fans will instantly recognize Colin “Solo” Earnest, who is Co-Head Coach alongside Derek “Lohpally” Abrams. Solo most recently played top lane for Golden Guardians in Summer 2021. Lohpally is a long-time League of Legends streamer and Challenger-level player, playing for several teams that were nearly promoted to the North American LCS pre-franchising.

As for the players, Tae Ho “Rosethorn” Kim is expected to be CLG Faith’s jungler “later this year,” according to the announcement. Rosethorn has been CLG’s Academy jungler in 2022, contributing to their first-place finish in Academy Spring Split. This is arguably a demotion in favor of former ORDER jungler Shane “Kevy” Allen, who was announced to join CLG Academy one day prior to CLG Faith’s unveiling.

Spencer “Draco” Davis (Top), Mason “Baekho” Choe (Sub Jungle), Si Young “Town” Lee (Mid), Aaron “Airren” Li (Bot) and Trevor “Trevor” Roy (Support) round out the rest of the roster. Draco and Town are relative newcomers to the amateur scene. Airren comes from Grand View University, where they recently won Midwest Esports Conferences. Trevor joins CLG Faith, following the dissolving of Immortals Area of Effect. they finished 9th-12th in LCS 2022 Spring Proving Grounds. Baekho won West Conferences on Arizona State University in 2021, before joining Supernova for Spring 2022 and now CLG Faith.

Player Development

โ€œCLG is constantly looking for ways to expand our organization and develop our players at all levels,โ€ said
Jonathon McDaniel, General Manager, CLG League of Legends. โ€œWe believe that the launch of this semi-pro
League of Legends team will mark the expansion of an unexplored tier of play for CLG and will assist in giving developing players a jump-start to achieving the path to pro that CLG was founded on.โ€

Adding this amateur team and showing interest in talent development is an encouraging endeavor for CLG. The organization is making much-needed changes within their LoL operation. Starting CLG Faith is another step in the right direction. Hopefully, more LCS organizations take the plunge to find the next great North American players.

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