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CLG Coach Weldon and Pobelter Interview: “We are going to do our best to play well enough in Summer Split that people forget Spring”

Image from LoL Esports Flickr.

Counter Logic Gaming may have suffered its worst LCS split in the organization’s history, but they are looking forward to Summer Split 2020. Divisional Coach Weldon Green and mid laner Eugene “Pobelter” Park sat down for a quick Zoom interview about CLG in 2020.

Thomas (TGH): “What were the primary issues in Spring Split that caused the disappointing results, and what do you say to fans who are concerned about those results repeating in Summer Split?”

Weldon: “Leadership. PowerOfEvil was a big voice on our team last year, and when he left we were relying mostly on Ray [Wiggily]. He is more of a serve-up-many-options-on-a-platter guy, so he needs someone else to pick the best option. When Pobelter joined, he filled that leadership position in spades.”

Pobelter: “I can’t really speak to what the team was like before I got here, but I do know the team has trained really hard the entire time I’ve been here.” 

Thomas: “Coming into 2020, CLG announced Tafo as LoL GM, you as LoL Division Coach and Ssong as Head Coach. How has this affected the team environment compared to last year?

Image from LoL Esports Flickr.

Image from LoL Esports Flickr.

Weldon: “It changed a lot. Essentially, Tafo took over half of my responsibilities from last year, and Ssong took over the other half. Last year, myself and our other coach were a two-person operation, while this year we are a three-man team. Honestly, the titles don’t mean as much when things are not going well. When the split is going smoothly, it is easier to find those clear cut roles. But when you’re losing, everyone is just trying to do their best to help without stepping on each others’ toes.”

Thomas: “Has the quarantine affected coaching? Is it difficult to incorporate your sports psychology background in an online setting? 

Weldon: “This year, I was able to return more to a 1-on-1 performance coach role, because that was needed most from me. It’s been nice to return to this style, and it is more natural to practice with our players, because they are used to doing things online. They play online, have taken classes online and so coaching online comes very naturally for all of us.”

Thomas: “Pobelter, how is the team’s confidence and what are your goals this split?”

Pobelter: “Everyone knows we had a bad split. It sucks, because I am a competitor. I always play to win. We are going to do our best to play well enough in Summer Split that people forget Spring. I always try to look on the bright side, and, luckily, Spring Split has no bearing on qualifying for Worlds.”

Thomas: “Have you watched any of the Mid Season Cup? I am curious if any mid laners really stand out to you?”

Pobelter: “Honestly, they are all so good. Pick any of them: Knight, Bdd, Doinb, Faker. They have all been really good.”

The LCS returns June 11 for the 2020 Summer Split. CLG faces Evil Geniuses and Immortals in Week 1.


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