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Broxah goes to CLG

According to sources, Broxah will be heading from Team Liquid to CLG. This will be a buyout of his current contract and will see Broxah head to his second LCS team in two years. He will likely be replacing Wiggly at the jungle position. This move has not been confirmed by either of the teams yet.

What a fall from grace for Broxah. He leave Fnatic and the LEC, struggles to get the NA and then underperforms on Team Liquid. Luckily if there is anyone who can smile through it and see this as an opportunity, it is Broxah.

He will be going to yet another LCS roster that is in flux. With potentially a multitude of moves still to come, Broxah may be the biggest one for a team that struggled in a major way in 2020. The sad thing is that this came only one year after the team had nearly made it to Worlds and many believed they would be a rising team in 2020.

Now they are looking to rebuild and if nothing else. Broxah helps to further a brand that has needed some personality for quite some time.

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