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League of Legends Champions that Could Use Minor Buffs

Champions that Could Use Minor Buffs

Balancing champions in League of Legends is an incredibly difficult task that often requires trial and error. Some champions are too strong upon their release and consequently get nerfed into the ground. While the balance team may be hesitant to buff a champion that has dominated in professional play and solo queue, some minor buffs could help bring their win rates back to stability. The following are champions that could use minor buffs due to how low their win rates currently are.


Yuumi has seen a massive drop in her win rate after receiving major nerfs to dial back on her presence in professional play. This can be a dangerous champion to buff due to her ability to safely dish out damage while attached to champions like Garen and Ezreal. The recent nerfs she received have dropped her win rate to the lowest out of any champion on several different champion statistic websites.


Champions that Could Use Minor Buffs
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Kalista was a disaster upon release as a dominant hyper carry for quite some time. She has received buffs as recent as patch 9.22, but her play and win rates have continued to stay low. Her difficulty and high skill ceiling definitely contribute to these numbers, but minor buffs or even a mini rework could bring her rates back to a stable position.

Mid Lane

Sylas was heavily nerfed throughout season nine because of his ability to slot into three roles. The nerfs were primarily focused on removing his power in the jungle, but his power in top and mid lanes were also hit hard. Increasing his power in the lanes without effecting his abilities in jungle could prove to be tricky, but his win rate could increase to a healthy level if done correctly.


Champions that Could Use Minor Buffs
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Trundle hasn’t seen much play recently in solo queue or professional play. Before Sejuani was nerfed, he was often picked as a counter to her in professional play. This was typically the only situation a team would pick Trundle. His kit is fairly clunky and outdated in comparison to other jungle champions that have been released in recent years. Buffs to his power or a rework could make Trundle a more viable pick.

Top Lane

Aatrox was a powerhouse in professional play before his recent nerfs. He was a safe pick that had very few counter matchups, and he could wreck havoc in teamfights. His presence in Worlds was drastically lower than the Summer split, where he was one of highest priorities in most regions. His kit is still strong in its current state, but a few numbers changes could improve his win rate.


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