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Champion Changes for Season 10

Champion Changes for Patch 10.1

Patch 10.1 is introducing a large amount of changes for champions, items and runes, alongside the release of the newest champion, Sett. Expect the patch to drop near the end of December. The full in-depth list and explanation of the changes can found here. The following are some of the major champion changes for Season 10.

Champion Buffs

A total of nine champions are receiving buffs in patch 10.1, excluding the changes that will take effect with the release of patch 9.24b. Azir’s ultimate, Emperor’s Divide, is receiving a buff that should bring him right back to viability. The wall duration is increasing from three seconds to five, and the damage is increasing significantly. Corki is receiving a buff to his ultimate, Missile Barrage, that should help his damage output in the mid to late stages of the game. The damage is increasing on the rank two and three levels of the ability. Jayce is receiving a damage increase on his Q, Shock Blast, making his mid game damage output much more powerful, especially considering the buffs to Lethality in patch 9.24b.

Champion Changes for Season 10
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Kalista is receiving a minor buff to her base stats that should slightly improve her survivability. Her health per level is increasing from 89 to 100 and her armor per level is increasing from three and a half to four. Nami’s E, Tidecaller’s Blessing, will now empower both basic attacks and spells. The bonus damage will be lower for area of effect spells. Shyvana is receiving some synergies with the new dragons. Her passive, Fury of the Dragonborn, will now gain a stack with Elder Dragon and Cloud Dragon now increases her fury gain. The on-hit damage and monster damage cap on her E, Flame Breath, are both increasing.

Champion Changes for Season 10
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Sejuani’s kit was heavily nerfed prior to the 2019 World Championships, because of her unhealthy pick and ban rate. The balance team is attempting to bring her back to a playable state without overbuffing her by increasing her health per level and increasing the mid to late game damage on her E, Permafrost. Sett has felt strong ever since his release on the PBE, however his W, Haymaker, is a bit weak. The shield duration is increasing from two to three seconds, and the damage is receiving a massive increase at each level. Vi is receiving an update to her ultimate, Assault and Battery, that will make her unstoppable throughout the entire animation.

Champion Nerfs

Aurelion Sol is the only champion set to receive a nerf in the champion changes for Sseason 10. The damage on his passive is decreasing at the early levels. This is a minor nerf that shouldn’t affect his viability drastically.

Champion Changes

Zyra is receiving a small change to her E, Grasping Roots. The potency of the slow from Vine Lashers is decreasing from 30 percent to 25 percent, but the slow can now stack up to two times. Varus’s Q is receiving a cooldown decrease by two seconds at each rank, but the cooldown reduction that a Blight stack detonation grants is also lowering. Sylas is receiving many changes to every ability except for his ultimate. The detailed list of the changes to Sylas can be found here.


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