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Champion Changes Coming in Patch 10.3

Champion Changes Coming in Patch 10.3

Patch 10.3 is arriving soon, and it’s bringing some welcome champion changes that will shift the metagame. The patch notes in their entirety can be found here. The following are some of the champion changes coming in patch 10.3.

Champion Nerfs

Champion Changes Coming in Patch 10.3
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A total of seven champions are receiving nerfs in patch 10.3 to address their high win and play rates.

Akali is receiving major nerfs to her kit that may greatly effect her viability in the current metagame. Akali is notorious for having a low win rate in solo queue, but being a high priority pick in professional play. The movement speed on her W, Twilight Shroud, will now decay, and immobilizing effects will reveal her in the shroud. The first activation of her ultimate, Perfect Execution, can now only target enemy champions, which should make it more difficult for her to escape. The energy costs on her Q, Five-Point Strike, are also increasing to take away from her early lane poke.

Aphelios is set to receive yet another nerf to Calibrum. The maximum range for the mark is decreasing from infinite to 2,000.

Miss Fortune is receiving a minor nerf to her attack speed per level, which shouldn’t affect her viability drastically.

Rumble is receiving a nerf to his W, Scrap Shield, by decreasing the movement speed and shield value.

Senna is receiving a nerf to the drop rate of souls.

Sett feels a bit too strong after his release, so the balance team is addressing this issue. His base health regeneration is decreasing, the base damage on his W, Haymaker, is decreasing and the cooldown is increasing.

Sona was buffed in the previous patch, but the buffs were a bit too much. The movement speed on her E, Song of Celerity, is decreasing from 25 percent to 20 percent.

Champion Buffs

There are a total of four champion buffs coming in patch 10.3.

Azir is receiving a buff to his base mana and the width of his ultimate, Emperor’s Divide.

Corki is receiving a buff to the package aspect of his W, Valkyrie. The damage and slow are increasing by a significant amount.

Galio has felt weak and outdated ever since the removal of his ability to Flash and taunt enemies. The duration and damage ticks on his Q, Winds of War, are increasing.

Sejuani is receiving a buff to compensate for the nerfs she received around the time of Worlds last year. Her level one attack speed is increasing from zero percent to 10 percent, and her passive, Fury of the North, will also be affected by small monsters.


Wukong is receiving a major rework to his kit in patch 10.3 that will drastically change his playstyle. Yuumi is also receiving another mini-rework as the balance team figure out how to properly balance the champion for both solo queue and professional play.


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