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C9 LS Officially Announced as New Head Coach


After some leaks and teases, C9 have officially named Nick “LS” De Cesare as their head coach. He will be taking over for Mithy as he heads to help 100 Thieves. C9 have now finalized their roster and head coach with announcements expected for the rest of their staff to be coming soon. Here is the latest on new head coach C9 LS.

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To some it will come as a massive surprise while others may have expected it at this point. LS joining C9 shows that the rumors of C9 looking at him as their new coach for the past few weeks ended up being true. This comes after he left coaching for a few years to cast LCK games and then joined T1 as a streamer.

LS is from the US and his signing with C9 signifies that he will be moving back. This will not be the first time that he has coached in North America. He had been the coach of Gravity and Tempo Storm but left to pursue streaming and casting in Korea.

Since his time in NA, Ls has made a name for himself through his advising and deep dives on stream. He has helped players to either revive their careers or give them more recognition through being associated with him. Some of these players are Fudge, Nemesis and Crownshot amongst many others.

For C9, it will be interesting to see if this new direction pays off. LS certainly has the knowledge to be good coach but he will be working with what some see to be a confusing roster. With Fudge moving to mid and the additions of Summit, Berserker and Winsome, LS will certainly have his hands full with adjusting to all of those new pieces and getting them to fit.

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