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Bwipo Officially Signs to Team Liquid for 2022 LCS Season

Team Liquid Bwipo

After a solid few weeks of rumors, Team Liquid officially announced Bwipo is joining Team Liquid as their new Top Laner for the  2022 LCS Season. This comes after letting go of Alphari following him wanting to return to the LEC. The move was announced on Twitter.

What Does This Mean for Team Liquid:

Team Liquid is in an interesting spot after this move. Bwipo is not as resource heavy of a Top Laner as Alphari. Due to this, the playstyle of Team Liquid will probably shift versus last year. This isn’t to say that Bwipo can’t play higher resource champions, he clearly can. Over Bwipo’s career though, he has been known for some weirder weak side picks like Cho’Gath and still dominate.

If putting Bwipo on weak side is the plan, this opens the map up for Team Liquid. With the rumored roster of Bjergsen in the Mid Lane and Hans Sama as their ADC, TL can decide to play through either. More than likely, TL will put a lot of focus back on Bot Side like they did with Doublelift. CoreJJ finally has a true super star ADC to play with again and it would feel criminal to leave Hans Sama on an island. Santorin will probably spend a lot of time there, especially with how OP the new drakes are.

Furthermore, Bjergsen is back and probably wants some assistance as well. Santorin did a good job of allowing Jensen to play aggressive last year and it probably won’t be all too different with Bjergsen.

All in all, this change allows TL to change which side of the map to play around, versus almsot always going Top Lane with Alphari.

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