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BREAKING: Team Liquid Benches Alphari for Jenkins

Alphari is considered to be by many the best Top Laner in the LCS. But after just one Summer Split game, Team Liquid made a surprising tweet revealing that he is benched.

Jenkins is being promoted to the starting roster spot of the LCS. Surprisingly, TL does not confirm who is replacing him on Academy. Jenkins has been a mainstay on TLA since 2019 and has done a pretty solid job, even on some less good TLA teams.

The reason for the benching is unclear at this point. Jatt refuses to state why, but says that Jenkins is going to be a solid replacement.  Jatt also specifically says that the roster swap is at least for the rest of the weekend. They even brought him to Worlds in the past and have faith in him. Needless to say, this is a bold move and only time will tell if it pays off.

Fans should have some faith in Jenkins considering his solid performance in Academy, but there is many reasons to be doubtful still of this move. Hopefully we will get a full explanation on what happened in time.

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