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League of Legends: Braum, the Most Picked Support in the World

Braum is trending down in EU LCS in week nine

Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, has been a staple in the meta this season. The champion has been picked over 840 times across all regions and has only been become more prevalent as the season has gone on.

Win rates and Matchups


Braum: most picked support in the world
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Braum is considered a safe pick in this meta, with abilities that protect the AD carry as well as a passive that can dominate most 2v2 matchups in the bottom lane. He has a win rate of 49.8 percent across all regions, that’s 422 wins and 426 losses from those keeping track at home. He has the highest win rate in Ultraliga, the Polish league, at 69.4 percent. In the five major regions, being Europe, North America, China, South Korea and Taiwan, his highest win rate is in Taiwan with 55.7 percent across their 70 games.


The biggest strength Braum has is that he doesn’t have that many bad matchups, and even in those matchups, he can still perform well. Braum has six matchups that are considered counters to him one way or another, those being Pyke, Morgana, Tahm Kench, Rakan, Alister and Galio. His win rate against almost all those champions hovers around 45 percent, the only outlier being Pyke. Pyke having a win rate of 75 percent against Braum of the 8 games that they have been matched against each other.

Braum is not going away anytime soon, there have been no recent changes to the support role in terms of itemization or playstyle. The number of times he has been picked has only risen since the season began, hanging around 40 to 60 percent banned/played until skyrocketing to almost 80 after this most recent patch.

Best Braum Players

As for the best Braum players across the world, Olivier “Prime” Payet, the French support for the Splyce Academy team Splyce Vipers has the best win rate on the champion at 76.9 percent. The player with the next highest win rate on the champion, with the caveat of having played over 10 games as the champion, is Ke “K” Kai-Sheng from MAD team in the Taiwanese league. K has a 75 percent win rate in the champion.

Braum is the most picked and banned support in the game and his place in the meta will only grow as time goes on. Expect him to be played in every playoff series and at MSI this season, he could even stay until the World Championships as long as no patches or changes come his way from Riot.


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