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BLG Uzi Officially Takes Break From Pro Play Ahead of LPL Playoffs


BLG Uzi, known for possibly being the greatest ADC player of all time, decided to break a break from pro play ahead of the LPL playoffs. The team he is on, Bilibili Gaming, currently has another super star ADC taking the spot, Doggo. This news comes after a disappointing year for BLG. BLG has clinched the 8th seed for the LPL playoffs. That alone doesn’t tell the full story of the team though.

HUPU Esports broke the story in the tweet below:

BLG in the offseason looked to make a super team. They brought Uzi out of retirement, they signed Doggo from Beyond Gaming and yoinked Crisp from FPX. This isn’t all though, they also signed 3 amazing LPL legends in FoFo, Breathe and Weiwei. BLG should have been one of the best teams if not the best team in the LPL.

This leads fans to unfortunate reality of today. This team didn’t mesh well and it showed. A team that should have been EASILY Top 5 got 8th and barely made playoffs. In the announcement of Uzi taking a break, BLG stated that the decision was made due to synergy issues. This is a common issue on a lot of super teams with amazing players on paper. Take for example Vitality this year in the LEC. This team should have been Top 3, but sneaked away with the last playoff spot. The stories are eerily similar.

Regardless of the reasons, League of Legends fans should wish Uzi a sweet farewell. This may be the end of one of the games legends and that is always sad to see.

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