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Bel’Veth Teaser Trailer Released

Bel'Veth Teaser

There is no doubt, Bel’Veth is coming soon. She has been leaked time and time again but has not been officially revealed. Until now. In the latest teaser trailer from Riot Games, the Empress of the Void showed her face. Here is a look at the Bel’Veth Teaser Trailer.

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Look below for the two teasers that have been revealed, so far.

To the Eye of the Void

To the Prophet of the Void

Along with this is a change in the splash art for Kaisa.

Kaisa Taken Over

Kaisa Taken Over


Both of the images come from her page on the League of Legends website.

All of this shows that Bel’Veth the Empress of the Void is likely on her way and soon. She is clearly sending out a message to all of the other void characters that she is coming in the Lore as well. Her plan seems to be that she is going to take over all of Runeterra.

It almost feels like Riot is trying again with the whole Viego story creating a big bad in Bel’Veth. There is a chance that her release leads to the next big event like Sentinels of Light. Who will be stopping Bel’Veth though? Will this be happening at the same time just on the other side of Runeterra?

All of this will need to be answered but one thing is clear, Bel’Veth is ready to join League of Legends. The only things to remain are her name actually being revealed, her abilities being confirmed and her launch skin. It could either be Battlecast or Battle Boss.

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