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Before the Rework: Volibear’s History is Professional Play

The Ursine from the Frelijord, Volibear was released on November 29, 2011. So long ago that his champion spotlight video has tips on how to play him in the defunct game mode Dominion.

With his recent election into the rework pile by fan vote, along with Fiddlesticks, it only seems appropriate to look back at the times when the bear managed to sneak his way onto the professional side of play. Instead of when he is flash-flipping you into the enemy laner at level three in promos.

Volibear hasn’t seen the stage in many regions and has only been picked in a total of 17 games. His kit isn’t suited for anything but jungling and his ganks are very telegraphed if you have any basic concept of vision or the ability to talk to your teammates. He is easily kited, something that pro players can do with ease. Also, with more movement options having been added to the game than when he was released, his utility has continually dropped over time.

He needed the rework really badly folks.

Picks and Bans

Volibear was last picked in Spring Split 2019 in the LMS by G-Rex top laner Hsieh “PK” Yu-Ting. PK picked him in back to back weeks with a 1-1 record over that time. That was half of his appearances in the top lane, his other 13 picks have been in the jungle. He has been banned five times, making his presence in pro play a whopping 0.1 percent.

His total win rate is 41.2%

Averages and Popularity by Region

The bear has been most popular in North America, having been picked six times in that region. Europe and China tie for second at three games apiece; Taiwan comes up third with two followed by Russia, Vietnam and Spain with one.

He has won three games in North America, two in China, one in Taiwan and one in Spain.

He has an average KDA of 2.6 with a damage per minute of 246. Volibear has a negative average gold difference, creep score, and experience difference average at 15 minutes.

Best Volibear players

Volibear is a champion that has many one-off wins, so win percentage is useless. He was mostly being used against an obviously inferior opponent or just catching the other team off guard so much they do not know how to respond. So, players who will be defined as the best are those who had the confidence to whip him out more than once.

Besides PK, the players who played him twice were Juan “Contractz” Garcia and Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis. The most tenured and the player with the most losses on the champion is Danil “Diamondprox” Reshetnikov. He pulled out the champion in the EU LCS Spring Playoffs in 2014 against Copenhagen Wolves and twice in the EU LCS Summer Split in 2015.

He lost all three games on the champion.

R.I.P Volibear 2011-2020

The lightning polar bear will rise again.

Photos from Riot Games

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