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BDS 2022 LEC Spring Split Preview

BDS 2022 LEC

The 2022 LEC Spring Split is about to begin. Unlike the LCS or LPL, there is no preseason tournament like the Demacia Cup or Lock-In Tournament. The format, similar to last year, is a round-robin with the Top 6 teams moving onto the Spring Split playoffs. The LEC kicks off on January 14. Before it all begins, here is a BDS 2022 LEC preview.

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2021 Summer Review

BDS did not have a LEC team in 2021. Instead, they bought the spot from Schalke 04. Schalke ended up getting tenth and BDS inherited the play contracts. So going in 2022, they had to decide who they wanted to keep and who to replace.

BDS 2022 LEC Spring Split Roster

Top- Adam

Jng- Cinkrof


Bot- xMatty 


Coach- GrabbZ

BDS 2022 LEC Coaches:

Before getting into players, coaches for BDS need to be talked about. The most interesting part of the coaching staff is that BDS yoinked GrabbZ and Duffman from G2. GrabbZ and Duffman are coming off a turbulent year, but their successes in the past speak for themselves. There is probably not a group of more established LEC coaches for BDS to grab. Dinep, the former Head Coach of BDS’s LFL team, is staying with the team, but this time just as an assistant coach. All in all, BDS does not have a ton of coaches, but the ones that they do should be good for the organization.

BDS 2022 LEC Players:

While BDS might not be the scariest roster on paper, there is a chance they will outperform expectations. The best player on BDS is probably Adam. Adam is coming off an incredibly solid 2021, despite the drama. He needs to be the stable performing piece on this team and keep up his level of dominance if BDS wants to succeed. Cinkrof is the former Karmine Corp Jungler who has been floating around the ERLs for years now. This is his first chance in the LEC and he needs to prove he deserved the spot. BDS is taking a risk on him.


Limit Walking into the LEC Studio

NUCLEARINT along with Broken Blade were the bright points of Schalke 04 last year. NUCLEARINT showed that he has the ability to carry games with some solid mage play. That being said, the whole team was so awful that he had plenty of bad games. If he is able to channel the performances he had versus Fnatic, then he should be a solid signing.

Finally, the Bot Lane of BDS should be good. xMatty is another former Karmine Corp ADC and he is being matched with Limit. Limit had a really good Spring Split in 2021, but his performance feel off in the Summer. Hopefully, matching him with a solid ADC will bring back that level of dominance.

Predicted Spring Placement: 8th

Potential Range for the Team: 10th-6th

BDS could be the worst team in the LEC if stuff blows up. The saving grace is Adam and the coaching staff. Due to such, their ceiling at sixth seems reasonable. BDS should be hoping that their first year gets them stable pieces for 2023.

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