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Battle Queen Event Guide

The latest League of Legends event, Battle Queens, is live and with it, there are new skins, emote and this time, a champion as well. As per usual, this event will run for about a month. The Battle Queens event will be live from December 10 to January 11. This event is similar to the Spirit Bloom Festival as players will earn tokens in order to unlock lore from each Battle Queen. So make sure to earn as many tokens as possible to unlock all the stories.

With that, here is a guide to everything in the Battle Queen event.

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Battle Queen Skins

As of the initial writing of this piece, there are five skins in this new line, including a prestige skin for Diana. That does not mean that there will or won’t be more, but in previous events, Riot has released and revealed more skins after the events start. So keep a lookout for potentially more skins being added. This line comes out with Rell who should be available with the event release.

Battle Queen Shop

The shop is full of bundles that can only be bought with RP. If people do not feel like spending money, they can earn Battle Queen tokens through playing games and completing different assigned tasks. These will require people to play with certain champions, earn gold, get a certain amount of kills or just play a certain amount of games.

Battle Queen Bundles

Battle Queen Tokens

Battle Queens Token
Battle Queens Token

Battle Queen Shop

Battle Queens Shop
Battle Queens Shop

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