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Battle Bunny Skins Revealed

Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

During the Season 2022 Opening Day stream, Riot Games revealed the revival of the Battle Bunny skin line. Battle Bunny is a skin that originated with Riven back in 2016. Riot Games decided to revive the thematic this time announcing two skins. This includes Battle Bunny Miss Fortune and a modern Battle Bunny Riven.

Battle Bunny Riven

Battle Bunny Riven

Riot Games made clear this isn’t the only Battle Bunny skins that are going to come. The skin line is a futuristic version of the original. Due to the fan servicey nature of this skin line, it is very possible we continue to see popular characters. Miss Fortune for instance, is at 16 skins already and Riven is at 13 skins.

Most skin lines have at least 5 skins and fans should expect this to be no different. It is also possible that this skin gets a prestige skin along with an event. Prestige skins usually release once a month and we only know one of them for 2022. The one we know is Prestige Porcelain Lux.

One of the coolest part about this skin line is how Riot includes elements of a bunny into the design. Riven uses a carrot sword and bunny ears. Miss Fortune has bunny ears and little fluff wrist bands. All in all, these skins incorporate the theme quite well.

Check out some of the other skins announced this year here:

More skins will be revealed later this year! Stay tuned to The Game Haus for all the latest news.

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