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Aurelion Sol Rework Leaked?

Aurelion Sol Rework

For the past few years, there have been rumors and even former confirmations that there was a secret rework in progress. During the past two years specifically, there was a rumor of one and then it was canceled. Now after some confirmation, it seems another is coming and that might be everyone’s favorite celestial. Here is what is known about the potential Aurelion Sol rework that was leaked.

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During these years Riot Games champion dev team allowed for fans to vote on seven different champions, five in each year with some repeats as to which one would get the full rework. Udyr and Skarner came out on top and are now being worked out. One champion with a low pick rate, very few skins and one that has generally been ignored by Riot Games since its inception has been missing in both of these votes. That champion, Aurelion Sol.

Below, is a video detailing how this potential Aurelion Sol rework was leaked and what it could mean because this won’t be an everyday VGU according to the dev team.

What does not a normal VGU actually mean? This is really anyone’s guess as it seems possible that they have been working on Aurelion Sol for quite some time now.

What is could mean is a fundamental change to how he plays where currently is a very mobile control mage of sorts. The video points out that his lore will stay the same and maybe his Q but that would be about it. Should this leak be correct, it is hard to imagine how this would mean more than a VGU change. Nearly every VGU champion has had their kits redone. Volibear for instance had basically everything scrapped and built from the ground up.

Whatever Riot Games has planned for the Star Forger, it will certainly be interesting and should it be confirmed, TGH will be on it to give you all the latest news and updates.

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