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League of Legends

League of Legends Arcane Skins Officially Revealed

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With the Arcane television show on the horizon, League of Legends stated that they are releasing skins based on the series. Centering around champions that are based in either Piltover or Zaun, Arcane officially releases on November 6, 2021. Riot always loves to link their biggest events together in their games. Take the Sentinels of Light event and K/DA events as an example. In this case, Riot is capitalizing on Arcane by creating Arcane Jayce and Arcane Vi skins, so the Arcane skins are likely to release alongside the debut of the television show.

Here is the official twitter reveal:

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Splash Art Preview

League of Legends Arcane Skins

Arcane Vi

The splash art shows Vi sporting a blazer, and a white undershirt. Her knuckles look the same as her default skin, and the rest of her outfit reflects her original default coloring. Arcane Vi’s splash art definitely differs from the flashy aesthetic that have been recently popular on League of Legends.

League of Legends Arcane Skins
Arcane Jayce

Jayce, on the other hand, looks significantly different from his original splash art. With a white dress shirt standing in the limelight, he is shown holding a bright crystal. Similarly to Vi, he isn’t the fanciest in his splash art. Shown in the twitter post footage, most of his moves were reanimated with extra shazam for flashy effects that are not only super cool, but also subtle enough to not draw massive attention.

Here is a quick look at their in game models:

In Conclusion

These skins as a whole look fantastic. Playing off of subtle, but impressive splash arts, Arcane Skin lines seems to prioritize animation details rather than bright, shining clothing. In addition, though Arcane Vi is not technically officially revealed, gameplay footage from the PBE confirms the skin’s release.

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