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An Early Review of G2 Rekkles

G2 Stomp Fnatic to Setup First Place Showdown Against Rogue Next Week

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson’s transfer to G2 was one of the most talked-about transfers of the League of Legends offseason. While the transfer looks great on paper, what matters is how he performs on the server.

After watching the first two weeks of G2’s LEC gameplay, there is some data to analyze the move.

An Early Review of G2 Rekkles

G2 Rekkles – Image Courtesy of G2

Rekkles the Stats Monster

Rekkles finished the first two weeks of the season with pretty impressive stats. He possesses the third-highest KDA in the league behind Rogue’s Emil “Larssen” Larsson and Steven “Hans sama” Liv. Breaking down his KDA, he has the highest number of kills per game (7) and the third-lowest average deaths (1). Rekkles also has the highest assist average among all ADCs in the league.

Beyond his KDA, Rekkles has the highest kill participation on his team. He has been a part of nearly 80% of G2’s kills. His closest follower in the team is Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle with nearly 75%. The rest of G2 have their percentage of kill participation at 60s.

Rekkles the Treasure Master

An Early Review of G2 Rekkles
G2 Rekkles – Image Courtesy of G2

Another stat that’s worth mentioning is the gold share in G2. Rekkles has the highest gold share in the team which is also the second-highest in the league (25.1%). However, what’s more interesting is that he has the largest gap in gold share between himself and his Mid Laner (3.9%). Statistics show that nearly all teams funnel most of their gold into their ADC, but no other team has such a wide gap between their two carries.

Such statistics may just be a symptom of trying to make Rekkles as comfortable as possible while he gets used to playing with the team. However, it is also worth mentioning that Rekkles has always been an economically demanding player. It is worth keeping an eye on to see if this dynamic continues through the rest of the season.

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Rekkles the Vulnerable

Despite his very impressive stats, Rekkles’ champion pool has looked vulnerable in the first two weeks. G2 are one of the only two teams in the league who haven’t played or drawn any Kai’Sa bans – the most popular ADC in the current meta by a large margin.

An Early Review of G2 Rekkles
G2 Rekkles – Image Courtesy of Riot Games

On top of this, Rekkles didn’t show any inclination towards picking other meta ADCs such as Samira, Aphelios or Xayah. He only seems comfortable playing Jhin, Senna and Ashe based on his picks and the bans received by his team. Once all three of those champions were off the board, Rekkles resorted to picking Sivir – a champion which has seen play only one other time (in LCS Lock-In Tournament) across the four major regions in the 2021 season.

All in all, it has only been two weeks since the start of the LEC season and it is too early to make any grand statements. However, based on what fans have seen so far, it seems more like they are seeing the Fnatic Rekkles settle himself into the G2 line-up more than becoming a new version of himself. Whether this trend will continue or if it will bring more success than the previous G2 dynamic is yet to be seen.

Featured Image Courtesy of G2

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