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All 2022 LCS Rosters

2022 LCS Team Rosters

The LCS 2021 Offseason has arrived and with that fans will be wanting a roster tracker to see what moves their team makes. While the rumor wheel is already swirling, moves will not be able to be made until early November. That said, the first day of free agency will certainly be a hectic one as many of the players will have already decided on their new homes. To keep up with everything, here is a constantly updating piece with the 2022 LCS Rosters and rumors surrounding them.

*Note: This will update with announcements as they are made. Bookmark this to stay up to date.

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Rosters will show the latest 2021 Team until changes are made or the players are confirmed for their respective positions by the team.

100 Thieves

Top: Ssumday/Tenacity

Jng: Closer

Mid: Abbedagge

Bot: FBI

Sup: Huhi


Top: Jenkins

Jng: Contractz

Mid: palafox

Bot: Luger

Sup: Poome


Top: Summit

Jng: Blaber

Mid: Fudge

Bot: Berserker

Sup: Winsome/Isles


Top: Fakegod

Jng: River

Mid: Blue*

Bot: Neo

Sup: Biofrost

Evil Geniuses

Top: Impact*

Jng: Inspired

Mid: Jojopyun

Bot: Danny*

Sup: Vulcan


Top: Kumo*

Jng: Josedeodo*

Mid: Toucouille

Bot: Johnsun*

Sup: aphromoo

Golden Guardians

Top: Licorice

Jng: Pridestalker

Mid: Ablazeolive

Bot: Lost

Sup: Olleh


Top: Revenge

Jng: Xerxe

Mid: PowerOfEvil

Bot: Wildturtle

Sup: Destiny

Team Liquid

Top: Bwipo

Jng: Santorin

Mid: Bjergsen*

Bot: Hans Sama

Sup: CoreJJ


Top: Huni

Jng: Spica


Bot: Tactical


LCS Academy Rosters

Below is a list of all of the LCS Academy teams and their rosters. This will update as players are added and released. For starters, it will have every team’s 2021 roster and then be updated as changes are made.

100 Thieves Academy

Top: Tenacity

Jng: Kenvi

Mid: ry0ma

Bot: Luger

Sup: Poome

CLG Academy

Top: Thien

Jng: Keel

Mid: rjs

Bot: Katsurri

Sup: Hooks

Cloud9 Academy

Top: Darshan

Jng: Shernfire

Mid: Copy

Bot: k1ng

Sup: Isles

Dignitas Academy

Top: Lourlo

Jng: Will

Mid: Soligo

Bot: Spawn

Sup: JayJ

Evil Geniuses Academy

Top: Tony Top

Jng: Contractz/Tomio

Mid: jojopyun

Bot: TeamLuke

Sup: Mystiques

FlyQuest Academy

Top: Philip

Jng: Nxi

Mid: Triple

Bot: Johnsun

Sup: Dreams

Golden Guardians Academy

Top: Niles

Jng: Rosethorn

Mid: Yunbee

Bot: Prismal

Sup: Newbie

Immortals Academy

Top: V1per

Jng: AnDa

Mid: Pretty

Bot: Keith

Sup: Joey

Team Liquid Academy

Top: Jenkins/Dhokla

Jng: Armao/Inori

Mid: Haeri

Bot: Yeon

Sup: Eyla

TSM Academy


Jng: Hyper

Mid: Takeover


Sup: Yursan

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