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Akshan Revealed as League of Legends Latest Champion

Akshan League of Legends

After some time, Akshan has been confirmed as the next League of Legends champion through a Twitter video released as well as through some other more interesting means. This comes after speculation from a Wild Rift leak that seemed to confirm some aspects of the next major event. Whether this will be the end of the Viego story or not is yet to be known but it definitely seems like the next part of the story. Here is a quick look at Akshan as the next League of Legends champion.

Many people will be wondering who exactly Akshan is and what he does. Here is a look at everything that is currently known about Akshan for League of Legends. This includes Akshan’s abilities, release date, skins and his lore which is definitely worth giving a quick read.

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Akshan’s Abilities
Akshan’s Release Date
Akshan’s Skins

Akshan Official Gameplay Trailer

Akshan Bio

Akshan and Viego are two sides to the same coin. They’re two men who’ve lost people they loved. Two men who are driven by the need to get them back. The thing that separates them is the choices they made throughout their lives. Viego was a spoiled prince who viewed a woman as his. Akshan was a street kid beaten to death—literally—for standing up for what was right. Viego murdered thousands when he refused to put his grief and selfishness aside. Akshan trained as a Sentinel of Light to defend those who can’t defend themselves. Viego wants to destroy the world, and Akshan must save it.

But no one’s as simple as that, and there’s pain behind that smolder. A lifetime of hardship. A loss so great it nearly broke the man he’d worked so hard to become. Akshan grew up a street urchin in a Shuriman village. Even at a young age he struggled to turn a blind eye to the injustices around him, and would stand up to even the most frightening warlord if he viewed their actions as wrong. Until one day he pissed off the wrong man. He was beaten and left to die in the street, and even succumbed to death’s sweet embrace. He was saved by a kind woman Shadya, who used a weapon both terrifying and powerful to resurrect the boy. She eventually became his mentor, training him to join the Sentinels and to put his convictions to good use. Together the two traveled across Shurima to stockpile ancient Sentinel weapons. You know, to help against Viego’s eventual return and the final battle between good and evil, light and dark. The usual stuff. And then everything came to a crashing halt when Shadya was murdered. Akshan took the weapon that once saved him and forgot all of Shadya’s talk of stopping the oncoming Ruination. He wanted one thing and one thing only: vengeance.

*Note: As more is revealed about Akshan, this piece will be updated. Make sure to check back with TGH for everything Akshan related.

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