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Agresivoo announced for Misfits’ academy roster


Misfits’ academy team has found an exciting amount of success in recent history. Notably, the organization managed to take home the gold in this year’s European Masters 2019 Spring Main Event. The team also performed quite well in the LFL.

It seems as though Misfits Premier looks to continue their winning ways coming into 2020, as they have signed a very promising prospect in Tobiasz “Agresivoo” Ciba.

via @MisfitsGG

One of Poland’s brightest talents, Agresivoo is notable for his dominance in lane and his aggressive playstyle. The 20-year-old previously played for A relatively young polish organization, the team originated from the ashes of the Esports Performance Center and acquired its roster and coaching staff. The team would go on to take first place in a number of events and tournaments, including the Polska Liga Esportowa 2019, ESLMP 2019 Spring, Ultraliga Season 2 and most recently, the ESL EuroCup 2019 Finals.

The kind of playstyle that defined was one of mid game skirmishing and aggression with late game scaling, which meshed pretty well with Agresivoo. The upstart’s champion pool features several picks such as Akali, Jayce, Irelia, Kennen and Jax, while pure tanks are quite rare to be seen. Whether through picks and solo kills in the early game, split pushing and taking objectives, or through decisive team fighting, Agresivoo is nearly always having a significant impact on the map.

Taking a look at just the final set of the team’s ESL Eurocup finals against Euronics run, Agresivoo:

– Turns around the only aggressive team fight that Euronics manages to pick through a Ryze ult which allows him to take down the backline.

– Is 4 kills and over 50 minions ahead of his top lane opponent 15 minutes into the second match.

– Virtually 1V5s as Jax against the entirety of the enemy team in game 5 in a crucial fight near baron pit. Gets a double kill and forces the enemy team away.

With Agresivoo in their lineup, Misfits Premier is definitely looking like a much scarier team.

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