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A Sneaky Fast Start for Rogue

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A sneaky fast start for Rogue in week 1, going 3-0, standing atop the standings with FNATIC. Rogue faced Misfits, XL and Schalke04 in week 1. The first two of those games could not have gone better either. Quick, clean victories in both games. The Schalke04 game had a lot more mistakes in it. However, at the end of the day, even 200 years of experience could not halt the Rogue train in week 1. But, the focus here is on what Rogue did in these games. And why fans can hope Rogue breaks the ceiling into the top 4 this split.

Clean Macro Gameplay

A key to this sneaky fast start for Rogue lays in the ability that the team displayed within each of these games. That ability can be referred to as clean macro gameplay. Or the Korean style of league of legends. Where it is a clear a to b to c plan that anyone can see being executed on the screen before themselves. Rotating from one turret to the next, while taking dragons and rift heralds. It is precisely the style of League Rogue needs. Because if the individual talent cannot match up fully, having clean macro offsets those issues. Inspired pressuring the proper lanes at the proper time to secure turret plates, to chip away at towers. Chipping away at these towers means first tower can be achieved easily with rift herald. Once first tower is broken, Rogue begins the domino effect. Second tower, third tower both fall in quick succession while Rogue maintains tempo and control over the drake pit.

Bot lane improvements

Hans Sama
Courtesy of LEC

Another crucial factor in this sneaky fast start for Rogue, exists on the bottom side of the map. Hans Sama and Vander showed much improvement in their play in week 1. Going forward, this is a make or break point of the team. At least, when it comes to contending with FNATIC and G2. The top side of the map for Rogue may not be skill for skill as good as their counterparts. They have plenty of talent and potential to make up for it. The laning phase and positioning from these two players has improved by a significant margin, based off of week 1. Assuming this continues, watch out FNATIC and G2, for Rogue is coming. Vander and Hans Sama showed great lane control and security in gaining advantages. This level of play must continue against the top tier teams however.

Sneaky Fast Start from Solid Team Fighting

LEC Rookies
via @Rogue

Now, this is a tricky subject to explain as there exists little quantitative data to support it. However, the eye test in terms of each player understanding their individual role in team fights has gone up significantly. Finn playing the diver/diversion, Inspired and Vander providing the initiation. And, of course, Hans Sama and Larssen being the consistent back line damage threats. Now, being able to stay in these roles and executing them against the likes of FNATIC and G2 will be the true test for these improvements that were seen in Week 1. The team consistently fought within proper parameters as defined by their draft.

Going into Week 2, Rogue matches up with G2 on Saturday. This game cannot be understated in terms of importance to Rogue. Because if the team can win, or the minimum look competitive versus G2, then as fans, hope is not lost. But, should Rogue’s sneaky fast start get derailed by G2, then perhaps these points above still need more time. Optimism blooms aplenty in Rogue’s camp this week, but more work needs to be done if they are truly contenders for the crown.

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