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A Quick Look at the Fiddlesticks Rework

A Quick Look at the New Fiddlesticks

Riot Games has released a trailer and gameplay preview for the newly reworked champion, Fiddlesticks. This rework will bring significant changes to the way that Fiddlesticks is played, as well as an incredible visual update. The following is a quick look at the new Fiddlesticks.

Visual Update

The new Fiddlesticks will be haunting the rift with a terrifying new visual update. The update appears to be a better reflection of Fiddlesticks’ character as a living scarecrow. Each aspect of his kit will look different such as his basic attack animations, walking, ultimate and basic abilities. As with any visual update, each of his skins will change and provide a new experience for players that enjoy playing him. One of the most impressive new visuals is the rework to his ultimate, Crowstorm, which is now a black mist.

Gameplay Changes

The gameplay preview provides a quick look at how Fiddlesticks’ kit will operate. His new passive, A Harmless Scarecrow, allows him to spawn targetable clones of himself that can bait and confuse enemies. This is a significant improvement from his previous passive, Dread, which only provides him with a short boost of movement speed. This passive will take up his trinket slot, provide vision, and will reveal enemy wards for six seconds after reaching level six.

His Q, Terrify, is receiving massive changes that will increase his overall damage output. There is a passive on it that fears enemies hit by his abilities after he is out of combat and unseen. The active will now fear the target and deal percentage damage based on current health, dealing double this damage if the target is already feared.

His new W, Bountiful Harvest, seems to be similar to his previous W, Drain, however, Fiddlesticks can now target multiple enemies with the ability.

His new E, Reap, is completely different from his old E, Dark Wind. Reap is a slash in front of Fiddlesticks that deals damage, cancels channels and slows enemies. This is a continuation of the trend of converting silences into channel interruptions on several champions.

His ultimate, Crowstorm, functions the same as before, but it’s unclear if the range and damage are changing.

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Featured photo from Riot Games

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