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A Look at the Gwen Skins

Gwen Skin

With Gwen confirmed as the latest champion for League of Legends, after being leaked not too long ago players will be wondering what her skins are? Like all new champions, Gwen will have a base skin and then another skin. Normally these are based around whatever event or new skin line is coming out at the time or something else lore-wise with the champion. For Gwen, her second skin will likely be a part of the Space Groove skins coming with the Space Groove event.

Here is a look at her splash arts for both the base skin and Space Groove.

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Gwen Base Skin
Gwen Skin

Gwen Skin

Gwen Splash Art
Gwen Splash Art
Gwen Space Groove
Space Groove Gwen Splash art
Space Groove Gwen Splash Art


Many had thought this champion was going to be Isolde, the wife of the latest champion, Viego, The Ruined King. When it was announced that it would be a seamstress champion that would be coming along with two more champions related to Viego storywise, it just made sense that it would be Isolde. Instead, it is her doll come to life in Gwen.

Gwen joins the Space Groove skins which will be having a battle pass coming out as well. Now it will be interesting to see which champion shows up next. Is it going to be the Yordle Artillery Mage or will it finally be the Dr. Mundo rework that has been talked about for quite some time. This should all be revealed in the next champion roadmap that will be coming out soon as it was already teased to be coming after the release of Gwen.

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