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A Look at Samira’s Abilities

The champions keep on coming from Riot Games with the new ADC, Samira. The sword and gun-wielding, Desert Rose, will be on Summoners Rift in the next few weeks. That said, players can go test her on the PBE likely in the next week. Before jumping into games with her, it might be worth knowing what she does. So, here is a look at Samira’s abilities.

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Passive – Daredevil Impulse Daredevil Impulse

STYLE: Landing basic attacks and abilities different from the previous hit grants Samira a Style stack, up to 6, represented by the grades F, E, D. C, B, A and S beneath her health bar.

Samira gains 0% − 21% (based on Style grade)  bonus movement speed.

CLOSE AND PERSONAL: Samira’s basic attacks in melee range use her blade, dealing X − X (based on level) (+ 10% bonus AD) bonus magic damage, increased by 0% − 100% (based on the target’s missing health).

VULNERABLE TARGETS: Samira’s basic attacks against immobilized enemies will rapidly shoot the target 6 times with her gun and knock up the target for 0.5 seconds. Samira will dash into range of targets that are slightly outside of her attack range.

Q – FlairFlair

ACTIVE: Samira fires a shot in the direction of target enemy, dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits.

If the target is within melee range of Samira, she will slash them with her sword instead, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit in a cone.

Casting Flair during Wild Rush will cause Samira to slash all enemies in her path upon completing the dash.

Both the shot and slash can critically strike for 25% bonus damage.

W – Blade WhirlBlade Whirl

ACTIVE: Samira slashes around herself twice over 1 second, each dealing physical damage to nearby enemies, and destroying all hostile projectiles that enter her vicinity over the duration.

E – Wild RushWild Rush

ACTIVE: Samira dashes through the target allied or enemy unit and slashes all enemies in her path, dealing magic damage and gaining bonus attack speed for a duration.

Killing an enemy champion resets Wild Rush’s cooldown.

R – Inferno TriggerInferno Trigger 2

ACTIVE: Samira unleashes a torrent of shots from her weapons, wildly shooting at all nearby enemies 10 times over 2 seconds, dealing physical damage with each shot. Samira is still able to move during this time.

Each shot can critically strike and benefits from life steal.

Inferno Trigger can only be cast if Samira’s current Style grade is.

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