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A Look at Reworked Volibear’s Abilities

Overlooking the Howling Abyss, Riot Games revealed the Volibear rework livestreaming on their youtube channel. During the time fans and players alike could hear the cold winds and thunder overlooking the mountains of Freljord. In the clouds were silhouettes of other Freljord champions Anivia and Ornn. Then when the time came, the rework of Volibear was finally revealed. Here is a look at his new abilities with pictures to match them. Also, check out all of his reworked skins including the newest one here along with getting a limited time emote.

[NOTE: The pictures and abilities are now confirmed]

All of Volibear’s Abilities

Passive- (The Relentless Storm): Volibear’s attacks and abilities grant attack speed, and eventually cause his basic attacks to deal bonus magic damage to nearby enemies.

Q- (Thundering Smash): Volibear gains speed towards enemies, stunning and damaging the first one he attacks.

W- (Frenzied Maul): Volibear damages an enemy, applying on-hit effects and marking them. Casting this spell again on the same target deals bonus damage and heals Volibear.

E- (Sky Splitter): Volibear summons a lightning bolt at a location, dealing damage and slowing enemies while granting Volibear a shield if he’s inside the blast radius.

R- (Stormbringer): Volibear leaps to a target location, slowing and damaging enemies beneath him while gaining bonus health. Enemy towers near his landing location become temporarily disabled.

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