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League of Legends

A Look at all of the Zeri Skins

Zeri Skins

At the end of 2021, League of Legends and Riot Games announced that the last two champions that were supposed to come out would be delayed to 2022. With his announcement, they also revealed the next champion would be coming out early in the year and they would be a Zaun ADC. Although this champion was likely supposed to release with Arcane, they moved them back. Now with Zeri being revealed, many will be looking for her skins. Here is a look at the Zeri skins.


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*Note: Neither of her skins have been officially revealed once they are this will be updated.

Vex Base Skin

This is the likely Zeri Base Skin.

Zeri Release Date


Withered Rose Zeri

Withered Rose Zeri
Withered Rose Zeri

Extra Information of Zeri

From the looks of Zeri, she is going to be bringing the electricity of Zaun in some way shape, or form. She is seemingly using some Zaun tech on her right hand and then what looks like electricity is coming from her left hand.

While some may question whether Zeri is from Zaun, it would seem as though the background would confirm likely Zaun and possibly, but less likely, Piltover. Since they are connected there is a chance but Zeri’s outfit would seem more Zaun than Piltover.

Regardless, this is the first champion to join League of Legends in a little over four months. This is the longest period of time for League fans in many years. Fans will be hoping that Zeri was worth the wait.

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