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League of Legends

A Look at all of the Vex Skins

Vex Skins

At the beginning of the year, League of Legends and Riot Games announced The Ruined King Viego was coming to the game. With his announcement, they also revealed that the next three champions to come in 2021 would all revolved around him. The first one was Gwen, The Hallow Seemstress. Then the next two to come out are a “Gloomy Yordle” and a mid-lane marksman. Although the Yordle was supposed to come first, they moved them back for the marksmen Akshan. Now Vex is finally arriving and many will be looking for her skins. Here is a look at the Vex skins.

Vex Potentially Leaked

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*Note: Neither of her skins have been officially revealed once they are this will be updated.

Vex Base Skin

Vex Splash Art
Vex Splash Art
Vex Base Skin
Vex Base Skin in Game

This was how Vex looked during the Sentinels of Light event. Thus it is safe to assume that this will be how her base skin looks. There is the chance they have made minor changes but these seem unlikely.

Second Vex Release Skin

new Vex skin
new Vex skin

This image comes from a potential leak so do not take this as fact. That said, this seems to be the new skin for Vex. It looks potentially like it comes from the Dawnbringer or even Cyberpop skin lines. Either way, this is a much more upbeat-looking Yordle than what Vex normally looks like.

Either way, it seems like Vex will be on her way to League of Legends very soon and that the Vex PBE release date is also just around the corner.

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