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5 Most Interesting Mythic League of Legends Items

Riot Games just revealed a lot about items coming for next season. They will all start in a test phase during the Preseason this November. There are some that are a bit underwhelming but others have quite a bit of potential. Without playing any games with these new items and just going on a knee jerk reaction, here are the five most interesting new Mythic League of Legends items.

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1. Galeforce


3400 gold

+55 Attack Damage

+20% Attack Speed

+20% Critical Strike Chance

Active – Zephyr Strike: Dash in target direction, firing three missiles at the lowest-health enemy near your destination (prioritizing champions). Deals a total of 105-300 (lv 1-18) (+30% bonus Attack Damage) magic damage, increased against low-Health targets by up to 50% against targets at 30% Health. (90 second cooldown)

Mythic Passive: Grants all other legendary items +3% Move Speed.


This item is going to be an extremely interesting one to watch for a multitude of reasons but most importantly, it gives a dash to marksmen who never had one. Imagine a Varus, Jinx or Kog’Maw who can dash out of the way of an important cc ability once every fight? Add that with Flash always being taken and that can drastically alter the meta. Along with the movement from the dash, if these champions are chasing someone and are able to use an ability similar to the old Hextech Protobelt damage wise, they will be able to close out fights they might not have been able to in the past. Lastly, while that 3% movement speed may not seem like a big deal, it is. Think about all the champions who have gone from S-tier to out of the meta with a simple movement speed nerf?

2. Sunfire Aegis

Ramping damage

3200 gold

+450 Health

+30 Armor

+30 Magic Resist

+15 Ability Haste

Immolate: Deal 20-40 (lv 1-18) (+1% bonus Health) magic damage per second to nearby enemies (increased by 50% against minions and monsters). Damaging enemy Champions or Epic Monsters with this effect adds a stack, increasing subsequent Immolate damage by 12% for 5 seconds (stacks 6 times).

Radiance: At max stacks, your basic attacks explode around you, burning nearby enemies for your Immolate damage for 3 seconds.

Mythic Passive: Grants all other legendary items +5 Ability Haste.


Sunfire Cape is gone, but it has been reborn into something truly terrifying. This tank item not only gives great base stats but the passives on it are extremely powerful. For those who do not know, cooldown is getting changed into ability haste. With 15 already baked in and plus five being added for each legendary item, that means that this item can help some tanks use their abilities quite a bit more than before. Most importantly though, Sunfire Aegis is going to pump out insane damage. Immolate will already be doing some solid damage but Radiance on champions like Sett, Jax or Warwick is going to melt people in skirmishes and major teamfights. Lookout for this one when testing thing on the PBE.

3. Axamuk’s Folly

Magic Vamp

3200 gold

+80 Ability Power

+15 Ability Haste

+150 Health

+10% Omnivamp

Corruption: For each second in champion combat, deal 3% bonus damage (max 15%). While this effect is maxed, convert 100% of the bonus damage into true damage.

Mythic Passive: Grants all other legendary items +5% Magic Penetration.


True damage is not only the name of a League of Legends inspired music group but it also one of the more controversial aspects of the game itself. Ever since it came into the game, many players have been stunned by the amount of champions and their abilities that have it. There have even been people who have argued it shouldn’t exist. Well here it is along with Omnivamp, which while not confirmed, seems to be healing from both AD and AP. Axamuk’s Folly brings with it 15% true damage if players are in a fight for at least five seconds. This means for champions like Vladimir, Cassiopeia or even Karthus who are normally fighting for quite a bit, that they will heal for a good amount of damage while also dealing 15% true damage with all of their abilities. This item will be the bane of existence for many players.

4. Devine Devourer


3300 gold

+40 Attack Damage

+400 Health

+25 Ability Haste

Spellblade: After using an Ability, your next Attack deals bonus physical damage equal to 6% of your max Health. (1.5 second cooldown, 150% base Attack Damage minimum damage)

Feast: When Spellblade hits a champion, heal for 60% of the damage amount

Mythic Passive: Grants all other legendary items +100 Health


Imagine someone who is extremely tanky, who deals 6% of their opponents damage twice every three seconds and then who heals for 60% of that damage. Well, this is no longer something that is imaginary. Devine Devourer will hit the PBE in the next couple of weeks and will be an item that shreads through seemingly everything. Don’t forget that on top of everything else, it gives 400 health along with 100 more for every Legendary item a champion gets. For champions who love to use abilities and autoattacks in quick succession this will be their main item. Look at champions like Aatrox, Riven, Irellia, Ezreal, Dr. Mundo (should his cleaver still work the same after his rework) and many more attack damage based bruisers to abuse this item.

5. Moonstone Renewer

Healing over time

2600 gold

+150 Health

+25 Ability Haste

+100% Base Mana Regeneration

Vital Stream: When affecting champions with Attacks or Abilities in combat, heal the most damaged nearby ally for 30-60 (lv 1-18) Health (2 second cooldown). Each second spent in combat with champions increases this healing effect by 25% (max 100%).

Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items +5 Ability Haste.


The time of champions like Soraka, Sona and Yuumi being the only viable healing supports is going away with this item. Sure it would be semi-useful on them as well, but Moonstone Renewer is meant for support champions who do well in extended fights. With fights sometimes going 30 seconds plus in many situations, this item could heal allies for anywhere between 60-120 hp every two seconds and if the support can sustain the fight long enough. That means a lot especially for champions who do not naturally heal allies a lot or at all. Look for it being run on Karma, Lulu, Morgana or even Zyra depending on the build path. This item has a lot of potential and seems to be one that will be used it a multitude of ways.

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