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3 Things Learned from Week 3 of the LEC

The EU LCS is rebranding to LEC next year

Week three of the LEC brought some interesting results and incredible plays. With the standings not being what everyone expects there is clearly a lot more going on than most anticipated. Because of this fans and analysts alike are learning that predicting certain results may not be as easy as they think. With all that in mind here are the three things that were learned in week three of the LEC.

1. Misfits Are the Real Deal

Via @MisfitsGG

After their first week many people were writing this team off. They have a lot of young, unproven talent and a veteran mid laner who has not had much success in the past few years. Then week two saw a 2-0 performance against SK who look rough and Excel who many thought would wipe away Misfits. The team was living up to their name and were able to bring themselves back to 2-2. Then in week three they faced a struggling Schalke team and Origen who many believed was the second or third best team in the LEC.

They were able to beat Schalke, which was not much of a surprise and then, they came out and dominated Origen. Mistakes were minimal, shotcalling was there and even with some small slips they were able to bounceback and take their record to 4-2. They showed with their win over Origen that they are a serious contender. All five players are in sync and looking good.

Bvoy has died once during the win-streak going 12/1/32 over the four-game span. Febiven looks back to form and Dan Dan, Razork and denyk are playing mostly mistake-free League of Legends. The best part is that it is not one strategy or comp that is carrying this team. They are showing they can skirmish, team fight and more. If this team can keep their game against G2 competitive then they will prove their deserve their spot.

2. It’s Still G2 and Everyone Else

Will anyone finally challenge this team? Many had hoped that Fnatic would finally be a true challenge to G2, they weren’t. At least, not yet. The game was a slaughter and truthfully, G2 are not even trying. Because of this, they are 6-0 and looking unstoppable. How could anyone bet against them? Right now they are favored to win their next two games according to the Betway88 League of Legends Esports betting section. This is because they are without a doubt the best team in the LEC.

Even with the changes in mid and bot lane between Perks and Caps, this team is still rolling. They are outclassing most of their opponents again like they did last season. This isn’t to say that they have been flawless, but in most cases, they are able to find a way to win or they just simply dominate. Until Fnatic or another can make these games consistently close or pull off a convincing win where it isn’t because of draft mistakes or some fluke, G2 will continue to be at the and everyone else will be fighting for second.

3. Europe’s Way of Developing Talent Should Be Copied Elsewhere

While many people have felt this way, the amount of first or second-year players is extremely high. Six of the ten teams have at least three of their five starting players in their first or second season. They are MAD Lions, SK Gaming, Rogue, Schalke, Vitality and Misfits. Many of these players have been playing in the lower league of Europe for a couple of years working out the kinks to get them ready for the big stage. Now according to many betting sites like Betway88, these teams have good odds to not only win a majority of their games but, potentially make playoffs.

Now when looking at the standings, Misfits, MAD Lions and Rogue are all in a playoff position and are taking down top teams like Origen and Fnatic. These players are generally coming up to the big stage ready to play and if not, then they normally struggle for a split or two and then start to take off. This can be seen in the Misfits squad who recently beat Origen. While not every player coming up is a success story, nearly half of the younger players are having positive results. The rest of the world needs to take notice and try to copy the system of Europe. If they do, then League of Legends will continue to churn-out amazing young talent worldwide and keep the game moving forward as most traditional sports do.

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