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3 Things Learned from Week 3 of the LCS

Similar to the LEC, the LCS has been a bit of a mixed bag. If someone had said that Team Liquid would not even be in the playoffs if the season ended today, then people would have laughed in their face. Yet, that is the current reality. That said, here are the three biggest things learned from week three’s games.

1. Cloud9 Continue to be The Most Consistent Franchise in the LCS

Cloud9's bot lane.
The two newest members of CLoud9.

While pointing out that Cloud9 is 6-0 and really good is easy, the most interesting thing is that they are looking to have their seventh straight season of being a top-three team. While they may not have the most championships, Cloud9 are consistent. It does not matter who is on the roster or who the coach is or even what the meta is. This team continues to impress and this may be their best iteration since at least their initial roster.

Right now it seems like it is Cloud9 and then everyone else. They will have another challenger for their top spot in TSM in week four but, it seems like Cloud9 are on a roll. The whole team functions as a unit and has top players at every position. Without a doubt, if one were to bet on a Spring Split winner, they would be the team in the forefront. According to Betway88’s League of Legends eSport betting section, they are the current favorites in both of their week four games and to win the Spring Split. It seems as though the streak of being a top-three team and normally the best NA representative at Worlds will continue for C9.

2. Something is Very Wrong with Team Liquid and Broxah Might Not Fix It

This is likely not a news flash to most of the regular LCS viewers but Team Liquid are one game away from last place. Many have been hoping that Broxah returning might fix this. But what if he doesn’t? When taking out the performance of Shernfire, it is easy to see that drafts haven’t been going well and that the TL players almost seem lethargic. Impact has been okay, Jensen has been inconsistent and the bot lane have looked outmatched constantly.

Tema Liquid either don’t care about Spring Split or is it possible that they just aren’t that good right now? Again the caveat is, right now, because this team has plenty of talent. There is no way they all just forgot how to be at least decent at League of Legends. Once Broxah is in the lineup, it will be interesting to see if there is a substantial difference in play. That said there are some pretty major changes that need to happen and quickly or else they may be on the outside looking in.

3. There is No Clear Third Place Team Right Now

Reviewing Immortals' Week 3 and previewing Week 4 LCS Spring Split 2020
(Photo by Paul de Leon/Riot Games)

While Immortals hold the tie-breaker over TSM for second place, there are many who feel they may not even be the third-best team in the LCS right now. Yet, there they are at 4-2 with a below-average mid laner and team full of players past their prime. The thing this team has going for it is Xmithie. He is seemingly willing this team to victories with Altec, Hakuho and sOaZ picking up the slack. Their veteran mindset and past winning ways are doing a lot for them currently. How long this will last is the real question?

As for everyone else, Dignitas have had their moments as well as FlyQuest, Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves. Oh, and don’t forget about Team Liquid. The LCS is full of teams just screwing around in the middle. Even when looking at odds for playoffs, and wins on sites like Betway88, all the games are so close it is hard to confidently pick who will win. Even CLG have enough talent to go on a winning streak. Outside of C9 and TSM the league is looking about as bad as everyone predicted. Hopefully, teams will start to shore things up soon or the fight for third place will be one full of pretty mediocre teams.

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