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3 Potential MVP Candidates for the LCS Summer Split

3 Potential MVP Candidates for LCS Summer

The 2019 LCS Summer Split is now in the books, but not everything has been settled. There were a lot of players that made names for themselves this summer, so who gets the MVP award? Here are three of the most likely players to receive the honor:

Peter ‘Doublelift’ Peng of Team Liquid

K/D/A: 5.8 | KPAR: 76% | CS/M: 9.2 | Gold Share: 26.4% | DMG Share: 29.8%

After helping his team secure 1st place in the LCS, there’s no question that Doublelift is the frontrunner to take home the MVP award. During the Summer Split, Doublelift finished with the 2nd most kills in the league behind Yasin ‘Nisqy‘ Dinçer of C9. This was a result of incredible awareness and execution throughout the split. No matter the circumstance, Doublelift made sure to stay involved and it certainly helped Team Liquid stay at the top.

Doublelift is the frontrunner in a tight MVP race in the LCS
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

As an ADC, it’s expected for Doublelift to have great statistics since he’s the center of attention. However, this typically means he’s the focal point of the opposition, putting even more pressure on his shoulders. Despite all of this attention, Doublelift plays with a sense of comfort on the Rift. It’s almost like he treats every game on stage like it’s solo queue or a scrimmage. This obviously comes from the surrounding talent around him – considering all of his teammate are All-Stars – but it’s rooted in Doublelift’s being. Overall, he has a very relaxed, yet knowledgeable demeanor, meaning he can flip the switch when needed. Even if he’s not totally dialed in, Doublelift is still playing at the highest level and having fun with it.

For the past two seasons, Doublelift has elevated Team Liquid’s play and has shown no signs of stopping. His determination to be the best is likely the outstanding quality that separates him from his peers. Doublelift is always working, even if it looks like him and his team are just having fun out there.

Dennis ‘Svenskeren’ Johnsen of Cloud9

K/D/A: 4.5 | KPAR: 72.3% | FBR: 47% | DMG Share: 14.7% | DPM: 294

As a Jungler, it’s easy to get lost in the MVP conversation. However, Svenskeren’s dirty work over the course of the Summer Split has put him in a spotlight of his own. In only 15 matches, he dominated the rift and helped Cloud9 secure the 2nd overall spot in the LCS. Despite not playing in three games, Svenskeren still finished 4th in assists among Junglers with 120. In addition, he held the 2nd highest First Blood rate of any Jungler with 47%, only behind his teammate Robert ‘Blaber‘ Huang.

Svenskeren will be eyeing the Summer MVP award after a great LCS performance
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

On top of his incredible stats in the Jungle, Svenskeren had a major impact on Cloud9’s success as a team. When he was in the starting lineup, Cloud9 won 73% of their games, compared to only 50% when he was sidelined. This only goes to show how important Svenskeren has been for his team. Overall, Cloud9 struggle to coordinate positive fighting situations, but Svenskeren is usually the one to turn things in their favor. Whether it be a flash play, a simple ward or body blocking for his teammates, he’ll get it done and make it look easy.

Svenskeren is one of the few Junglers in the LCS that can make or break their team’s chance of winning. His knowledge of the Jungle, execution and impact on the game all give him the edge as the best Jungler in the league.

Jung ‘Impact’ Eon-yeong of Team Liquid

K/D/A: 4.6 | KPAR: 66.8% | DPM: 537 | DMG Share: 27.7% | Gold Share: 22.3%

Last, but certainly not least, is Impact of Team Liquid. The former world champion has been gracing North America with his talent in the Top Lane all season long. During the spring, he was rightfully named to the 2nd Team All-LCS, which he’ll be looking to overshadow with a 1st Team bid from this split. If nominated, it won’t be much of a surprise, as he held the highest K/D/A of any Top Laner through the summer. Even if his scoreline wasn’t up to par, Impact made sure to leave his mark in every match this split.

Impact dominates the Summer; will he be named Summer MVP?
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

The Top Lane has formed into somewhat of an island over the years and Impact has embraced it. His performance on the island has been superb thus far, no matter what’s thrown at him. Whether he’s being ganked by the opposing Jungler, teleporting down to a fight or simply playing the 1v1 game, Impact will come out on top. This comes from a profound amount of experience from international play, as well as a substantial amount of confidence. Impact truly believes he’s the best Top Laner in the league and it’s definitely been showing. In fact, he had the fewest deaths of any Top Laner during the Summer Split, which certainly makes his case a lot better.

Like almost every other member of Team Liquid, Impact is one of the best – if not the best – in his position group. His ability to take over the game is unlike that of any of his Top Lane opponents. If his team needs him to 1v5, he’ll do it. If he’s forced to take a backseat and snowball, he’ll do it. Overall, Impact is probably the most sound player in the LCS and has all of the qualities needed to be given the MVP award.


Featured Images Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

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