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3 Free Agents to Keep an Eye out for in the LCK

With another League of Legends World Championship completed and another chaotic LCK offseason set to begin, quite a few players and staff have announced their free agency. Now that multiple teams are already blowing up their rosters, a lot of players and staff should easily find some new homes. With that being said, which free agents are a level above the rest? Which ones should fans be keeping a close eye on? Let’s take a look and find out.

Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho (Top Laner)

Courtesy of: Invenglobal

After a disappointing 2019 where Ssumday spent most of the Summer Split on 100 Thieves Academy, he could be looking towards a return to the LCK. While he is still signed to the 100 Thieves organization until 2020, it is rumored that 100T won’t keep Ssumday going forward. Along with the rumor that a LCS player is in talks to join the LCK, it would make the most sense that Ssumday is that player. 

If Ssumday were to return to the LCK, he could prove to be a huge upgrade for any team that picks him up. Despite playing in Academy for the Summer Split, most still considered Ssumday one of the best top laners in NA at the time. On top of that, Ssumday is still a strong enough player that a team could build around him as the foundation of any new roster. With a solid team around him and a more comfortable environment back home in Korea, Ssumday could find himself back at Worlds very soon. 

Jeong “NoFe” No-chul (Coach)

Courtesy of: Invenglobal

After the Afreeca Freecs struggled for most of the season and missed Worlds despite a solid roster, coach NoFe is on the move as a free agent. Despite the team’s struggles, NoFe can still be a huge pickup for any team considering how big of a role he played in the past successes of Afreeca. 

While rumors have NoFe heading to China and the LPL, there are many LCK teams that are in need of a new coaching staff. If these teams are able to keep NoFe in Korea and coaching their team, it would be a great start to any new coaching staff. Along with that, NoFe has shown that he’s able to get the most out of his players and could prove to be the puzzle piece that allows a middle of the pack team to reach the higher tiers of the LCK.

Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan (Jungler)

Courtesy of: Invenglobal

After one of the best seasons of his career, Cuzz will be on the move as a free agent. With all the turmoil with the Kingzone DragonX organization throughout the Summer Split, the newly branded DragonX has decided to blow it up and build around ADC Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu. 

While Cuzz is teamless for now, it’s hard to expect that it will stay this way for long. As long as Cuzz is able to maintain his recent level of play or even improve more, it could be a huge pickup for any team. While he won’t be the star of the team as a player like Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong could be, he will easily be a great pickup for any team in the LCK. Along with that, he could prove to be a solid older player for a team of rookies as he can provide some leadership and is continuing to improve as his recent 1st place finish this season in the Korean Challenger Ladder has shown.  

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