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League of Legends

2022 League of Legends Jungler Teased

2022 League of Legends Jungler

During the League of Legends 2022 Livestream a new jungler was teased. It was a different tease than many other champions in the past. Champion developer Reav3 acted as though he had been possessed by this new champion. They talked about taking over the world and seeing cities in purple. Here is the latest on the 2022 League of Legends Jungler.

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They have not announced what this champion will do yet other than the fact that it is the envoy for the empress or the empress of the void or something in the void. Even that sentence shows just how little was revealed about this new champion. That said, void fans who have been begging for a new champion should be very excited.

This champion will seemingly do some form on mind control. Riot Games has slowly been getting towards this type of ability for the last few years. Mordekaiser originally had an ability like this that happened after death. They dropped that and then Sylas was able to take champion ultimate as his own. Lastly, Viego, the champion who was revealed in 2021 during the Livestream has the ability to possess souls. It is clear that Riot Games has been working towards a sort of full-on possession champion for a while and it will be interesting to see if they follow through with it.

Along with everything else, it is possible that this champion could be the villain for 2022. With the event not being announced, the Void could be the way Riot leans for League of Legends and the story this year. This is purely speculation but it would certainly be interesting.

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