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League of Legends

2022 is In Bloom with More Crystal and Withered Rose Skins

Crystal and Withered Rose Skins

What would be a new year without some brand new League of Legends skins? On Wednesday January 5, League of Legends released several new cosmetics onto the PBE including the Crystal and Withered Rose skins. Janna and Akshan are the recipients of the bright and beautiful Crystal Rose skins, while Elise is the owner of the wicked Withered Rose skin.

These new skins will be available on PBE in the near future. These are the first skins in the Crystal Rose line for the main League of Legends game. Wild Rift beat League of Legends to the bunch when it released Crystal Rose skins for Ezreal, Lux, and Jarvan IV last year. Because of the popularity of the skins in Wild Rift, it only makes sense that players might see more of the Crystal skins in the future.

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Crystal Rose Janna

It’s been quite some time since Janna has received a new skin, and this one is fantastic.

Crystal Rose Akshan

Crystal Rose Akshan serves as Akshan’s first new skin since his release. Riot has struggled to give some less played characters new skins after their release, and this marks a potential change for the future for those champions who need a little extra love.

Withered Rose Elise

Elise is one of the few proud owners of a Withered Rose skin in League of Legends. As a member of the Shadow Isles, it would be surprising if there weren’t more characters like Elise in line to receive a spooky Withered Rose skin.

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