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2019 Play-In Profile: Isurus Gaming (ISG)

Isurus Gaming qualified for the 2019 League of Legends World Championship Play-In stage.

Isurus Gaming qualified for the 2019 World Championship, following a fairly dominant year in the LLA. The organization won both Opening and Closing Splits in 2019, despite a slow fourth place start in the Opening regular season. Isurus Gaming was at the Mid Season Invitational earlier this year, where they tied for last place in their Play-In group. The Argentinian organization is hoping to have a stronger showing this time around. 

While the organization has not yet seen League of Legends’ largest event, several of its players have. Longtime members of Lyon Gaming, Seiya and Oddie have been to Worlds Play-In in 2017 and the International Wildcard Qualifier in 2016. They also went to MSI in 2017 and 2018. Support Slow qualified to Worlds 2017 and 2018, as well as MSI 2018, with Kaos Latin Gamers. Other than Rift Rivals, Buggax and Warangelus have no international experience prior to 2019 MSI. 

Historically, the Latin America South teams have finished towards the bottom of the pack, and Latin America North teams are more middling among minor region teams. This year the two regions combined into the Liga Latinoamérica, so it will be interesting to see how this impacts their international performance. KLG went 0-4 and Infinity Esports went 2-2 at Worlds Play-Ins 2018. The year before that, KLG went 1-3 and Lyon Gaming went 2-2. Worlds 2016 was the last time Latin America North stood out as the best wildcard team. 

Isurus has all the makings of a skirmish-strong team. Oddie and Slow draft mostly versatile initiators, like Gragas, Skarner, Nautilus and Rakan. Seiya prefers roamers, like Taliyah, Corki and Twisted Fate. Warangelus’ most-played are Xayah, Lucian and Kai’Sa. Buggax played 17 different champions this summer, including Teemo, Vayne, Fiora and Pyke. Isurus averages the third highest gold difference per minute globally (not including European Masters), meaning they quickly run away with their lead. 

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