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Will 100 Thieves’ LCS Roster Changes Bring Success?

100 Thieves LCS Roster

Drama Resurfaces

100 Thieves decided that their LCS roster is not heading in the right direction. Earlier this week, news broke about the team making two changes to their starting five. William “Meteos” Hartman and William “Stunt” Chen are both being taken out of their starting roles.

After a 1-5 start to the Summer Split, it was evident changes needed to be made. Stunt was not playing at the level of an LCS Support, and Meteos was not performing as well as one would expect from a long-time veteran. What was the big news of this transaction was the drama it caused. Stunt had a long statement/twitlonger about his time and gratitude for 100T:

Meteos, on the other hand, not so much.

100 Thieves LCS Roster
Screengrab from @MeteosLoL

There were plenty of thoughts on this tweet, from both sides. Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen found the tweet unprofessional, and some in the community thought this sort of action was career-ending. On the other side, people like 100 Thieves GM Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith says he holds no ill will toward Meteos for the “strong emotional reaction”. Smith cites the oddly coincidental fact that Hartman was in this exact position just two years ago, and that Meteos has done a lot for the team that the organization is very grateful for.

Mixing It Up

While some may see 100 Thieves making changes as a last resort, the team is most certainly not. PapaSmithy has stated that the team’s main goal is still to achieve Worlds qualification. Both new players are an upgrade, or at the very least, a welcome change.

100 Thieves LCS Roster
Courtesy: 100 Thieves

Juan “Contractz” Garcia will be playing in the Jungle, and Philippe “Poome” Lavoie-Giguere will support. Contractz, a familiar name, has been playing exceptionally for 100 Thieves in Academy, and Poome has amazing potential, especially considering he only started playing League of Legends two years ago.

While attaining a Worlds spot may seem far-fetched, the Thieves have got to start somewhere. With eight teams making playoffs this time around, they have plenty of time to work on their chemistry.

100 Thieves face off against Golden Guardians and Team Dignitas this week, two of the lower ranked teams in the league. With a soft schedule, if there were ever a time to make changes, it would be now, and it certainly seems that 100 Thieves agrees.

Featured image courtesy of 100 Thieves.

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