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100 Thieves League of Legends

Should 100 Thieves LCS Fans Be Worried?

100 Thieves LCS

A Rocky Start

100 Thieves’ LCS team has not looked good in their first two weeks of play. Despite finishing as one of the higher-ranked teams in the Spring, expectations for them were not high. Most had them as a middle of the pack squad, not great but not terrible. While not among the top four teams, analysts still had hope that they had the ability to climb the rankings. That hope is now gone, and understandably so.

100 Thieves LCS

Courtesy of 100 Thieves

Yes, 100 Thieves did have by far the toughest schedule of the first two weeks. They played the likes of Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and King-of-the-LCS Cloud9. Take into account their win against an Immortals team which just recently had a change in staff due to poor play, and you’ve got a 1-3 record. Many will look from an objective point of view and say that those are all good teams that they theoretically would lose to. This is true, many of the LCS analysts had all three teams ranked above the Thieves.

What’s unacceptable is the fashion in which they lost.

Smokescreen or Serious Issue?

The 100 Thieves LCS team had an abysmal first 3 game showing, and that’s putting it lightly. Against C9, TL and EG, not only where they defeated, they were obliterated. Eviscerated. Superlatives cannot describe it any further.

100 Thieves LCS
Screencap Courtesy of 100 Thieves

With Tommy “Ryoma” Le and William “Stunt” Chen looking lost and out of form, many 100T fans were quick to call for their heads. All the progress made over Spring seemed gone, and they weren’t exactly thrilled about it, especially given the team’s mediocre performance ever since their first Worlds appearance.

Famous names such as Isaac “Azael” Cummings-Bentley and Nick “Last Shadow” De Cesare have been keen and correct in pointing out the poor drafting from 100T, and how they have been incapable of playing to their strengths.

What’s key to note for 100 Thieves LCS fans is that even if they looked good in a loss, there are only moral victories in those situations. Whether looking good or bad, a 1-3 record is a 1-3 record. 100T faces CLG and TSM next, their chance to prove themselves and rise in the standings.


Featured image courtesy of 100 Thieves.

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